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Kathryn8 started new topic Low thyroid levels during pregnancy??

I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and my thyroid was tested over a month ago and was low. I had to have another test on it yesterday and it shows it has dropped again, i think she said it was .005....

Friday 02 February 05:06pm

Kathryn8 started new topic Expecting Twins or more???

Then you need to come check out this site, its for pregnant and mummies with multiples, wether it be twins, triplets or more.........

Thursday 18 January 06:02am

Kathryn8 started new topic Pain during pregnancy?

Hi I am about 5 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. This is my 4th pg, first 2 ended in miscarriage. I had a c-section under general aneasthetic with my baby. My question is i have had alot of pain ...

Tuesday 28 February 06:22am

Kathryn8 started new topic Come join us at.........

Hello All Well this is the first time i have been back here in months, i am now on a new chat site called Parents Backyard, it's the most wonderful site, the ladies are so friendly and topics are ...

Sunday 08 January 11:41am

Kathryn8 started new topic Cake the dog????

Hi All I need to find a cake which is in the design of Spot The Dog!!! If anyone has made a cake like this or has a design for one, could you post here and i can send you my email address, thankyou...

Monday 05 December 07:43am

Kathryn8 replied to topic When to stop steralizing

I am not sure about sterilising the cup but i am just wonderin also when to stop sterilising, my little boy is 10 months! So we might find out together hopefully, saves me posting about the same su...

Wednesday 23 November 12:43pm

Kathryn8 replied to topic How do I unsubscribe?

i sure can, i just looked into it for you, hope this helps.... *sign in and then go to the help menu at top of screen. *click on sitemap *scan right down to the bottom..and on the right hand sid...

Wednesday 23 November 07:25am

Kathryn8 started new topic AF arrived, not my month!

Hi All Well i took a HPT test couple of days ago and it was negative, but it still thought maybe too early, but then yesterday i had a big pain and i knew it was coming and yes it sure did. Have b...

Sunday 20 November 07:39am

Kathryn8 started new topic Digital Camera's? which one?

Here i go again, another topic not about babies!! I already have a digital camera, but am wanting to upgrade to something a bit better with a good zoom, video ect.....So am just wondering if anyon...

Thursday 10 November 06:45am

Kathryn8 started new topic trouble posting?????

it seems everytime i go to post anything it comes up with a message saying message pending?? anyone else have this? kathryn (confused)!!!!

Thursday 03 November 05:05pm

Kathryn8 started new topic dancing with the stars?

Okay i know way off topic, but am trying to find out who is left on dancing with the stars, i missed the end as i was putting my boy to bed, anyone know? Thanks Kathryn

Thursday 03 November 01:21pm

Kathryn8 replied to topic What to wear swimming?

Am trying to post, but keeps coming up with this message!! Kathryn

Thursday 03 November 01:17pm

Kathryn8 replied to topic What to wear swimming?

I take my boy for swimming lessons every week and he is 10 months old, i put him in the disposable swimmers and he has never poohed in them as i can guarantee he always does a pooh before i get to ...

Thursday 03 November 01:16pm

Kathryn8 replied to topic Issues with my mother when I am trying to discipline my son

Just my opinion but only you know what is best for your children! They are your kids and you discipline them however you want to. I think it comes to the stage where we have to say to our mothers e...

Tuesday 01 November 01:10pm

Kathryn8 replied to topic Review me please

Hi Michelle, Can you view the website first before you join or dod you have to join first. Kathryn

Saturday 29 October 10:21am

Kathryn8 started new topic Musid downloads?

Hi Just wondering what site people use to download music from? Ones for free that is too? Any suggestions, i did get one called imesh6, but didn't like them, so any help? Kathryn

Saturday 29 October 09:54am

Kathryn8 started new topic Car Seat?

Hi All Don't come here very often, but just wanting your thoughts on this?! My son is 9 1/2 months old and is in a rearward facing car seat, it says rearward facing up to 9kg (he is neary that), so...

Friday 28 October 10:10am

Kathryn8 replied to topic Funny to get E-mails that I posted.

Not quite sure what u mean? Kathryn

Friday 28 October 10:04am

Kathryn8 replied to topic Does anyone know how long you should wait b4 having no2 after c-section for number 1

I am not exactly sure about this?! We have a son who is 8 months old, he was delivered by elective c-section, my next baby i will be having by c-section too. We have decided to start TTC now, so wo...

Wednesday 28 September 09:30am

Kathryn8 started new topic rash in mouth?

Hi All I have just noticed that my little 8 month old boy has this little white rash in his mouth and i am just wondering wether this could be from swimming, i dunk him 3-4 times (i know harsh mumm...

Tuesday 20 September 09:29am
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