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leanneb2031 replied to topic stiches & headaches

Hi Teagan, I'm 16 weeks and have had a headache most days for the last week. Delayed caffeine withdrawal? For me, it's probably lack of sleep - I've had periodic insomnia & very broken sleep for t...

Monday 21 August 04:53am

leanneb2031 replied to topic awake, playtime. How long should they be staying awake for?

Hi Cheryl, I found some Karitane info: Age: 4.5-6m // Up Time: 2-2.5hrs // Down Time: 2-2.5hrs // No. Day Sleeps: 2-3 As we all know, every baby is different. My DS tolerated about the same...

Monday 29 May 09:33am

leanneb2031 replied to topic Junket

Hi Julie, It's all so confusing isn't it? There's a new website that has government backing - with lots of expert advice: They suggest cow's milk (full fat) is o...

Tuesday 23 May 11:52am

leanneb2031 replied to topic When do you think you are too old to have a baby.

Hi Nikki, Wow what a relief to find some "older" mums on the site. It was great to read your discussion topic & the replies that followed. I was 38 last year when we had Jack (11.5 mths) 3 days ...

Saturday 20 May 06:18am

leanneb2031 replied to topic stay at home & working mums, are u happy?

Hi ladies, I'm almost at the end of my 12mths mat leave and feel so divided about going back. I look forward to new work challenges and catching up with colleagues, but am sad to think I could mis...

Friday 19 May 11:47am

leanneb2031 replied to topic Questions galore.. please answer any that you can..

Hi guys, new to the forum but here goes... * WEETBIX - if no known family allergies to wheat/dairy they're excellent for breakfast. Jack has 1 Weetbix with warm (cow's) milk & chopped banana plus 1...

Sunday 14 May 06:51am

leanneb2031 replied to topic Returning to work and Expressing

Hi rodtracy, congratulations on deciding to express for Samuel. I also return to work this month, but need to express only 1 feed at lunchtime (Jack's 11 months). You will need somewhere quiet & pr...

Friday 12 May 12:41pm
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