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mumto2boys started new topic Name Days

We are currently planning a naming day celebration to coincide with my son's first birthday. I have been busy searching the internet for poems that are appropriate for us to read during the service...

Sunday 23 April 08:30am

mumto2boys started new topic Babies born by vacuum extraction

Hi, Just wondering if anybody else had a baby born by vacuum extraction and has found that their development has been affected? I know all children are different and I try not to compare my younges...

Monday 02 January 04:20pm

mumto2boys started new topic Play groups in Illawarra

hi, I am looking to join a playgroup in the Illawarra on a Monday or Friday. I live in Albion Park but would travel anywhere in the Illawarra. Does anyone belong to a good one? I have two sons aged...

Friday 30 December 06:13pm

mumto2boys started new topic Lunch ideas

Hi, I have a happy little 7.5 month old who loves his food. For breakfast he loves weetbix mixed with boiled water and fruit puree (vary through week), dinner is meat with vege (vary through week) ...

Friday 30 December 06:07pm

mumto2boys started new topic Red spots with white centre

Hi, My youngest son is 6.5 months old and has always had the odd red blotchy spot on his body that has a raised white centre. They crop up all over the place and are gone within a day or two, only ...

Monday 05 December 05:27pm

mumto2boys started new topic abbreviations

Hi, I have a quick question for anyone who wants to answer it....what does DD , DH etc mean when used on the forum? I have looked back through past posts and other parts of the forum, it is probabl...

Saturday 03 December 12:38pm

mumto2boys replied to topic Xmas toys idea for 11 months old boy

What about blocks? You can get some really great wooden blocks or colourful mega blocks. At this age, he may just cart them from place to place, then he will start stacking them and later will use ...

Wednesday 26 October 02:09pm

mumto2boys replied to topic WOLLONGONG/SHELLHARBOUR MUMS!!!

Hi lilmiss, Are you thinking of having any more of the play dates at "Ready, Set, Play"? I am a mum of 2 little boys - 3 and 5 months, would love to meet some more mums in the Illawarra.

Tuesday 25 October 06:41am

mumto2boys replied to topic Anyone know of any stay at home work ideas?

Hi, My name is Jodie. I am currently on maternity leave after having my second son. I am reluctant to go back to a full time job and have just started up with a company that sells educational toys ...

Tuesday 25 October 06:31am

mumto2boys started new topic Motherly Cubes

I am in to day 2 of starting solids with my second son and was preparing myself to get back in to the 'puree and freeze' routine when somebody told me you can now buy pureed fruit/vege in cubes in ...

Tuesday 25 October 06:24am

mumto2boys started new topic Obsessed by dummy

I have a 10 week old little boy who is obsessed with his dummy. My first son had a dummy just for sleeping till he was 2 and we had no problems with it. With my second son he will only go to sleep ...

Sunday 24 July 08:59am
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