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Justine S

Justine S started new topic 2yo started swearing

My three year old has just started to pick up on the fact that swear words get attention and subsequently has started dropping them more and more . Any ideas on how to overcome this??

Thursday 05 June 10:07am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic Pram Help!

'm afraid I'm not familiar with any of those particular prams. We have a Peg Prego "Milano" which I love and my DH hates. The reason? He trips up on the foot rest all the time, the wheels are close...

Saturday 22 April 04:48pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic Has anyone else's feet grown??

Yep, I turned into a hobbit during my pregnancy too, and my feet have never been the same since. The soles of my feet were quite stiff and sore for quite a while (and still are occasionally). I put...

Saturday 22 April 04:40pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic poohing

My DD had a mix of both BF abd formula, and always pooed every 3 to 4 days, right up until she started solids, then she went to a two a day pooer. Gee I miss the old days....!!!

Saturday 22 April 04:34pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic heeelllpppp meeee!!!!!

Definitely change up to infant nappies!

Saturday 22 April 04:31pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic 4mth old started waking again in middle of night WHY?????

When my DD did this at 4.5 months, a friend suggested I start her on solids at her 6pm feed because the BF was not filling her up. The very first night I did it she want back to sleeping thorugh to...

Saturday 22 April 04:12pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic help me im going insane!

Hi Amanda, My DD was a great little sleeper from about 11 weeks, then all of a sudden she started waking through the night again. Complaining to a mother of two one day about my inability to cope ...

Saturday 22 April 04:09pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic Any good birth stories?

I had a really great pregnancy, but the week before my due date, my blood pressure rose. My obstetrician told me to check into hospital on the Tuesday night coming, and he would induce me the next...

Saturday 01 April 07:58am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic anyone going back to work after having baby?

Tomorrow will be my first day back at work. DD has been waking thorugh the night for the past few days so I a really ocncerned I am going tobe a walking zombie on my first day back....

Monday 13 February 05:50pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic Breastfeeding

Hi Donna My DD used to take up to an hour to feed when she was newborn. I was never sure she was getting enough, so I was topping her up with formula too. I was on the brink of exhaustion and abou...

Monday 13 February 04:45pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic why do people

On the flip side to people who think your second is an accident when they're born close together, my DD is only 8 months old and people have been asking me since she was about 4 months old if we'r...

Monday 13 February 10:49am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic tips please

Yikes! What fun you must be having in your house at the moment! I recommend Otrivan for runny noses, and Baby Balsam to help your darlings breathe. Brauer make a Cough mixture which I gave to my DD...

Sunday 12 February 03:31pm
Justine S

Justine S started new topic 8mnth old just started waking through the night again

My DD has just started waking 2 - 3 times during the night again. (She has slept through the night pretty much since she was about 8 weeks old) When I get up to her she is usually stading in her co...

Sunday 12 February 10:00am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic breatfeeding vs bottle feeding getting me down

Hi LGM The health professionals sure have alot to answer for when Mums the world over feel so much pressure to breast feed. I live on the gold coast, and there are many many mothers I have seen in ...

Friday 10 February 06:34pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic exersaucers

I haven't seen exersaucers, but I picked up a "Safety First Bouncing Baby Play Place" from Target on spec for $50. (Usually $70, I think). I sounds similar to the exersaucer; it has a swivel seat i...

Friday 10 February 10:56am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic ***** induction *****

Hi Lainy I had the gel applied at midnight, my waters were broken at 9am, and I started getting firm contractions by 12. By 2 I was inhaling the gas, but was only 2 cms dilated. I was in a bath to...

Thursday 09 February 09:11am
Justine S

Justine S started new topic Fertility problems

Hi there Friends of ours had tried unsuccessfully for a couple of years to have a baby naturally, so they have sought medical assistance. After being unsuccessful with AI, they have now turned to ...

Thursday 09 February 09:04am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic VOTE FOR IZACC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO CUTE

HI Jackie, I voted for Izacc today - what a legend!! But you should not have lead me to baby express.... I have just submitted a photo of my DD Madison @ 6 months, so I'm afraid all my future vote...

Sunday 05 February 08:40am
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic lonely

HI Kerrie Reading your post made me feel I could have been reading about myself 7 months ago! All the women in my group had babies ranging between 8 - 12 months older than mine, and made me feel a...

Friday 03 February 03:44pm
Justine S

Justine S replied to topic Why is my 3mth old screaming half way through his bottles?

Hi Liz My first thought is that he has had enough at the half way point, and is getting frustrated when you keep trying to give him more. Have you taken him to be weighed recently? Depending on hi...

Friday 03 February 02:34pm
Justine S
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