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Martads290383 replied to topic Today I can't handle it

I absolutely get it! And I can tell you I feel the same. A month ago we were invited to a baby shower just 10 days after we found out that our “promising” ivf#2 didn’t work… I didn’t have the coura...

Monday 01 July 12:39pm

Martads290383 started new topic sorry i'm venting

I'm so sorry. It is very hard, and the majority of women who are fertile just do not understand. Like you, I long for a child. Right now it is just DH and me. And every day we pray for childre...

Wednesday 01 May 11:36am

Martads290383 replied to topic ttc for 2 years and nothing

Dear you're not alone! The longer you wait to seek help, the more challenging conception becomes. But with comprehensive treatment, most couples can become biological parents one way or anothe...

Friday 01 February 11:41am

Martads290383 replied to topic feel like a bad person

I totally understand how you feel. I try to be happy for others but deep down inside I’m so jealous... I think we have every right to feel the way we do... It’s human nature. We are trying and long...

Monday 28 January 10:06am
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