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Feebi replied to topic solids

Hi Helen, Just wondering why you have introduced solids at this age? What signs did he show? I'm still waiting to see them with my 6 month old,

Tuesday 22 July 06:17pm

Feebi replied to topic breastfeeding and stools

Well I think it's all bull about breastfed bubs not doing the do for upto 10 days as my bub does it nearly twice a day. I was given the same advice as you! Oh and I was told their dod do's don't sm...

Friday 11 July 11:50am

Feebi replied to topic Milk running out

Hi Helen, I had the same problem with thinking my milk was running out due to the lack of milk being expressed. My conclusion was the breat pump was unable to suck out as much as baby could . So I...

Friday 11 July 05:10am

Feebi replied to topic New to the forum

I am also new to the forum here. I am 29 years old and went back to work when Ebony was 10 weeks old she's now 6 month and 2 weeks old). Her Dad looks after her when I am at work. Does anyone hav...

Wednesday 09 July 07:26am

Feebi replied to topic Breast or Bottle?

I breast fed Ebony till she was 6 months old. She now has a tooth and she thought my nipple would be great to bite! I can't understand people who have the nerve to say babies should still be on ...

Wednesday 09 July 07:21am
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