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tysonsmum replied to topic Tips on getting bub to roll

Thanks everyone for their advice. The last week I have noticed him rolling from his tummy to his back but he only does it in his cot - never on his playmat. It's usually when he doesn't want to go ...

Saturday 11 October 03:14pm

tysonsmum replied to topic When do they..........

Hi Marti, My little guy was grizzly at about 12 weeks, we blamed it on a growth spurt and then on teething but as strange as it sounds one day he stopped being difficult. He also wouldn't nap durin...

Saturday 11 October 03:05pm

tysonsmum replied to topic bub not bonding

At first I was worried my partner wouldn’t bond with Tyson and vice versa but as he gets older he is becoming more involved with him. I make sure every night they have a bath together as this is th...

Friday 03 October 01:53pm

tysonsmum replied to topic confusing!

My little guy also dislikes Farex baby rice so I am glad to here I'm not alone, I've even tried mixing in puree fruit but he still refuses to eat it. I am going to start making my own food (as I wo...

Wednesday 01 October 02:15pm

tysonsmum replied to topic eating very little, drinking next to nothing.

Hi Kate, Has your boy always had such a poor appetite and is he gaining weight? I took Tyson (who is 6 months) to the doctor on the weekend as he had lost his appetite, he usually drinks 180ml ever...

Wednesday 01 October 09:28am

tysonsmum started new topic Tips on getting bub to roll

Hi everyone, My little guy is 6 months old today and is yet to roll (reading other posts I know I'm not alone) but I wanted tips on how to get him to roll. He getting at least half an hour tummy ti...

Wednesday 01 October 09:14am
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