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forever.69 replied to topic first thing that comes to mind round 4

dawf wrestling! (bklame my dad he loves to watch it and i can rember watching it with him as a child)

Sunday 15 January 05:20am

forever.69 replied to topic Due in February 2006!!!!!!!!!!

hi sel, im due on the 14 of feb to, wanna race? my email is [email protected] maybe we can chat to pass time. ne way im the one who started this subject and yesterday i went to the gyno for a ...

Friday 13 January 06:24am

forever.69 replied to topic Due in February 2006!!!!!!!!!!

im due valentines day with my second son. its even more special day for me cause it was this time last year that i was proposed too and moved out of my parrrents house. im very over it and want it ...

Wednesday 11 January 08:39am

forever.69 replied to topic Long and difficult pregnancy and labour...Can anyone help?

been there done that, i was in labour for 52 hours and my son was prosteria as well. i always said i was never having another one!!! im 35 weeks pregnant now! when the tiome is right, and you baby ...

Tuesday 10 January 01:14pm

forever.69 replied to topic Antinatel classes???

hi im pregnant with my second and i went both times to the classes. the 1st time i went i did learn some things and the second time i went i learnt that what i learnt the 1st time has now changed. ...

Tuesday 10 January 12:53pm

forever.69 started new topic im over it. i want it out now!

im now 34 and a half weeks and since 32 weeks my body has been showing signs that something will happen soon. this is my second son on the way. my pregnacy has been going so quick up until my 1st s...

Tuesday 10 January 12:48pm

forever.69 replied to topic really bad abdo pain anyone else got it?

well i get pains too but not as bad as your saying.... i went to get monerted yesterday at the hospital as i was conerned it was labour pains starting. ( my 1st sons laobour pains wernt regular at ...

Monday 09 January 10:40am
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