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_blue_berry_ replied to topic Who did you have in the delivery room with you?

I had my husband, mother-in-law, my sister (our photographer and updates my family in our home country via messenger), our friends (a couple, who updates our bible study group thru viber, messenger...

Monday 15 January 09:38pm

_blue_berry_ replied to topic 3 month old refuses 4th nap!! Help!!

Hi there, how was your baby? were you able to put her to a 4th nap? (I wasn't really counting my baby's nap until I read you're thread) My son would take a nap in the morning, around...

Monday 15 January 07:23pm

_blue_berry_ started new topic White noise

I use white noise everytime I put my baby to sleep and works all the time. However, would he get use to it? When he grows older, would you think he would be looking for it to go to sleep all the ...

Monday 15 January 07:06pm
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