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tiger31 started new topic 2 yo no day sleep from 3 hrs - bad tempered

Help - my son has just turned two and has been having a 3hr afternoon nap but has suddenly started refusing it. The problem is he gets very very grumpy without it and acts out a bit - also being fu...

Monday 09 April 11:36am

tiger31 replied to topic clicking Tongue

Depends if it hurts or not. If it feels ok and she is getting enough I'd leave it. (babylove recommends leaving it unless you are having probs like damaged nipples etc. My bub clicks sometimes too ...

Friday 26 January 07:44pm

tiger31 replied to topic Convertible feeding bra!

Yes there is a bonds one. I got it at one of those TSL stores. tiger31

Friday 26 January 07:42pm

tiger31 replied to topic Not ready to stop B/F but baby seems to be

Hi Louise, I have a 9 1/2 month old who also started refusing the breast about a month ago. I was devestated. After much agonising I droppped my midday feed and replaced it with a cup and my mor...

Wednesday 11 January 05:45pm

tiger31 started new topic 13 week old baby - big sleeper. Normal?

Hi all, my thirteen week old boy is a great sleeper. He sleeps 12 or more hours at night and still needs to sleep for a good 6 or so hours during the day. Is this normal? Sometimes Mum just wants t...

Saturday 18 June 10:47am

tiger31 replied to topic Babys born March 2005

I have a March baby boy who is thirteen weeks. Also from Vic. Sharon

Friday 17 June 06:43am

tiger31 started new topic Getting baby to take bottle.

Does anyone have any tips on getting babies to take a bottle. My nine week old bub has only ever been breastfed. We are trying to get him to feed from the bottle of my expressed milk. My husband is...

Sunday 22 May 12:42pm

tiger31 replied to topic hypnobirthing

I have been using self-hypnosis as a way of preparing mentally for labour and the baby and have found it extremely relaxing and within a short time period I began to feel very calm and prepared for...

Sunday 20 February 09:35am
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