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meags started new topic how big is your 12 month old???

i just had my son Xavier at the HCN today for his 12 month check up.. he is doing sooo well... developmentally he is doing everything he should be and a lil more.. he weighs 11.32kilo... he is 75.2...

Wednesday 19 July 10:16am

meags started new topic Which is best???

ok i just found out i am preggers with my 2nd child and i am gonna need a new pram... i was just wondering if i could get some opinions on what would be better a tandem or a twin pram??? thanks for...

Thursday 20 April 08:54am

meags replied to topic Wanting to pull himself up, but still standing on tiptoes.

hey Jodie, Xavier has been pulling himself up on furniture for a while now.. he took a week or two to start standing on flat feet but he still often stands on his tip toes.. he main...

Thursday 23 March 09:27pm

meags replied to topic Pregnant at the same time as another family member?

I know how you feel Brooke.. I was 9 months pregnant amd going to be giving birth in like a week when my sister announced that she was pregnant. we have had the same issues with the comparing etc a...

Tuesday 21 March 09:12pm

meags replied to topic starting often???

the new guidelines do state to start solids at 6 months but when it comes down to it, its the mums choice.. my son started solids at 3.5 months as he wsa a very hungry baby and i have had no proble...

Tuesday 21 March 08:55am

meags replied to topic Playing on their Own

Well my son is crawling and standing up on everything so unfortunately (well not really) he is still taking up my time as i have to keep on eye on him so as to try and cut down on the lil oopsie's ...

Tuesday 21 March 08:49am

meags replied to topic BOXHILL HOSI

Hi Bree, I had my son at box hill last july... he was my first kid so got nothing else to compare it too but it was a good hospital. good luck with everything..

Friday 17 March 07:07pm

meags replied to topic Mitcham area

hi Bree, i am mum to a 7.5 month old baby.. i live in mooroolbark so not to far from you.. would be great to chat.. my e-mail addy is [email protected] if u would like to add me..

Tuesday 07 March 01:07pm

meags started new topic mothers groups...

hi i am a 25 year old mum from mooroolbark victoria. i don't have many friends who have children and am looking to make some.. if anyone knows of a good mothers group in my area or that are part of...

Tuesday 07 March 12:50pm

meags replied to topic Why did I ever buy a baby monitor?

i found that i can sleep right through the night even with the baby monitor on.. the only thing i hear over it is when he starts crying in the morning to get up.. none of the other lil sounds wake ...

Friday 03 March 09:17pm

meags replied to topic MSN contacts

i just added you to my msn list. i hope you don't mind... my e-amil addy is [email protected]

Friday 03 March 11:44am

meags replied to topic New friends wanted..........

i know this is an old post but my name is Meagan i am 25 years old and have a lil boy named Xavier who is 7.5 months old. i am looking to meet new people whom also have kids as most of my friends d...

Friday 03 March 11:42am

meags started new topic playgroup for young kids

hi i am a 25 year old mum of a 7 month old baby. he is very active and has started crawl;ing from a young age and is already attempting to stand up and walk. i live in the easternt suburbs and was ...

Friday 03 March 11:05am

meags replied to topic Boxhill hospital mums

Hi my name is Meagan.. I had my son Xavier at box hill hospital on the 20th July 2005. i would love to hear from you. my e-mail addy is [email protected]

Thursday 02 March 11:17am

meags replied to topic Eastern Suburbs

Hi, my name is Meagan and i am 25 years old. i have a 7 month old baby boy named Xavier. i live around mooroolbark and would like to get to know mums round the same area.

Thursday 02 March 11:15am

meags replied to topic July 2005 Babies

Name: Xavier Tobias Mums name: Meagan D.O.B: July 20th 2005 Time: 5:17pm Weight: 8 pound 5 Length: 48cms Head circumfrence: 36cms

Thursday 02 March 11:10am

meags replied to topic young mums

Hi, my name is Meagan i am almost 25 years old and consider myself to be a young mum. My son Xavier is 7 months old and was born on July 20th 2005. I would love it if we could share ideas and stori...

Thursday 02 March 11:05am
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