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kelsmum started new topic How often does your newborn poo!!!!!

I have a 16mth old and when she was a baby she pooed just about every nappy change. Now i have a 7wk old and he will go without pooing 4 over a week. Other times its more often. He is breastfed. Do...

Friday 12 January 03:58pm

kelsmum started new topic Jackson Tyler

Name- Jackson Tyler Weight- 8lb 6 1/2oz Length- 54cm HC- 34cm Time and Date- 5.35am 25th Nov

Saturday 09 December 08:22am

kelsmum replied to topic my baby's changing routine

Hi Susan, I mainly had problems with Kelsey sleeping pattern at night at about 6mths. She is almost 9 mths and still wakes up around 5am for a feed. Sometimes i dont give it to her as i dont think ...

Friday 05 May 12:03pm

kelsmum started new topic Anyone from around Gawler way!

Im about 35mins nth of Gawler but i go there very often. Would love to hear from others around the area. I have an 8mth old and expecting again in nov.

Friday 28 April 07:04am

kelsmum started new topic Does anyone have a child with Cerebral Palsy

Hi, I have noticed no one has mentioned this unless i have missed it. I dont have a child with cerebral palsy but i have a nephew with it and has as it pretty severe. He also has epilepsy as well. ...

Sunday 16 April 09:16am

kelsmum replied to topic Age to start crawling?

Hi im new here. I have a 7mth old and she started sitting up by herself at 5mths and has just started crawling. All babies develop at different rates. Enjoy the time before they crawl as you dont g...

Friday 17 March 09:34am
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