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Member624961 started new topic 15 Reasons You Need a Business Plan

15. Set specific objectives for managers. Good management requires setting specific objectives and then tracking and following up. I'm surprised how many existing businesses manage without a p...

Saturday 04 July 06:10am

Member624961 replied to topic Google play credits

I would say you choose google credit options for many credit optons which can be used for the writing options and games as well. I have tried to get some information through the https://paidpaper.n...

Wednesday 20 May 11:31am

Member624961 replied to topic Travel to Thailand with 17 mth old (car seats, food, nappies etc)

Traveling to Thailand gives one of the best traveling experiences in a good way. I have checked many people like who want to travel to the Thailand where they can get the tr...

Friday 01 May 09:37pm

Member624961 replied to topic Spelling and Grammar

Some of the grammer options can help to provide the best writing skills and can be helpful for making the good content in easy way.I have tried to find out the best site w...

Sunday 08 December 09:05pm

Member624961 replied to topic Long Flight with 4 yr-old and 18 month-old

I can understand your situation that Flight was 6 hours long which makes the journey long and boring always and that is why I ussualy preffer to book the tickets from the

Thursday 05 September 05:32am

Member624961 replied to topic LONG distance travel while pregnant

If you are pregnant more than 11 weeks and do not want to travel for a long route so I would suggest you to go by car that car gives you a pleasant journey and help to reduce the anxiety also you c...

Sunday 04 August 04:49pm

Member624961 replied to topic need some help with assignment

If you are really looking for the online assignment help for your study or any sort of writing material but got a little confused with other people words so you must go to the https://www.ihatewrit...

Thursday 18 July 05:07pm

Member624961 replied to topic Another food shopping question


Thursday 18 July 04:53pm

Member624961 replied to topic Toddlers and Writing and ready

I would say learning writing and reading is one of the basic task which students do in their daily life.I have checked some of the EduBirdie page where I checked about the students work and learnin...

Sunday 07 July 05:22am

Member624961 replied to topic flying with a baby

Flying with the Small baby is always been dificult for the parents.some of the chidren are used too with the Flight travelling so they feel comfirtable with it.So I would say every parents need to ...

Tuesday 18 June 04:32am

Member624961 replied to topic Help, I want to become a midwife.

I would say anyone can become the midwife expert if know the complete process of learning.I have seen some of the details see punctuation check on this topic which helps me alot for achieving this ...

Wednesday 12 June 11:00pm
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