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ReneeJ replied to topic Support Thread - Stepfamilies

i dont know if your in nz or Aus but in nz it doesnt make any difference to child support in the sense that your income wont count but it may go up slightly as it will show one less dependant so th...

Monday 12 January 01:31pm

ReneeJ replied to topic Why did you choose formula?

hi there, i dont no if i really count as my little boy was fed by both breast and bottle from about 10 weeks. when he was born i decided that i wanted to exclusively breast feed him due to family a...

Thursday 25 October 08:08am

ReneeJ replied to topic Safe N Sound Maxi Rider - HELP!

hi there have a look in baby factory they have seats like that that go up to 36kg our 8yo very tall very solid girl still fits in 1 and they also have the extra cpil across the chest so they cant g...

Sunday 17 June 11:06am

ReneeJ replied to topic Whats your opinion on DUMMYS?

hi there i had the same opinion! then i had my baby boy! to start with i was adament that i/we were giong without a dummy, we got one in a gift basket from my mum, and after a really awful night us...

Tuesday 15 May 10:50am

ReneeJ replied to topic Maternity payment... what do you think about it?

im in nz and i dont think we get a maternity payment, seems a good idea but think it prob needs to be allocated for something specific,eg baby stuff, education, or even extra house costs i suppose ...

Thursday 10 May 09:36am

ReneeJ replied to topic How old were you when you started your family?

my DS was born 3weeks after my 21st and another1 due 23.5 love being a young mum but sometimes find it a bit strange as my dad has a 5yo my wee boy nearly 2 now

Thursday 10 May 09:33am

ReneeJ replied to topic What sort of parent are you?

here's our answers Breast plus bottle at night cot mostly disposable walk neither both and a bit of controlled crying as long as not too worked up

Thursday 10 May 09:27am

ReneeJ replied to topic Have you placed a limit on the # of bubs u will have?

well not too sure about this question DP has 2 from previous relationship and we have 1 together would def like 1more but will see after that

Wednesday 02 May 10:15am

ReneeJ replied to topic Hates nappy change- should I toilet train?

hi there, i think that if you are having that much probs you may as well start trying to potty train him as long as you take it as slowly as he likes. my little man is 22months now and has been toi...

Saturday 28 April 11:57am

ReneeJ started new topic 22 month old boy

hi i am just wondering what the average weight for a 22month old boy is. also wondaring how much he should be eating thanks

Saturday 28 April 11:48am

ReneeJ replied to topic What can I feed my 9 month old?

hi there we gave my wee man the same food from about 9months as we had excluding eggs nuts and other high allergin foods

Saturday 28 April 11:36am

ReneeJ replied to topic Protien milk intolerance

have you tried soy milk/yoghurt or rice milk etc... just an idea

Saturday 28 April 11:33am

ReneeJ replied to topic 4 yr old won't eat vegies

hi there you said that she eats spag bol have you tried grating carrot into it, also do you put tomato into it, onions and mushrooms, our wee man went through this a little while ago so we hid heap...

Saturday 28 April 11:18am

ReneeJ replied to topic Soy Yogurt - Alternative for Cows Milk Protein Allergy

hi there, i dont have the same problem myself but no people who do, soy milk/yoghurt is ok just not as much fat or calcium so as long as his diet has enough of this in it same goes for the rice mil...

Saturday 28 April 10:56am

ReneeJ started new topic tt going backwards

hi there,i am currently tt my 22mth old, he has been in undies for the last few months and doing really well, hardlt and accidents and could hold it for about 5mins after telling us he needed to go...

Sunday 22 April 06:05am

ReneeJ replied to topic Still breastfeeding ?

hi there my little man is now 22months i fed him until he was 13months and weaned himself, he was also havin 1 bottle a day which we kept up until he was 18months and again weaned himself, i wish ...

Wednesday 11 April 11:24am

ReneeJ replied to topic not quiet toilet trained

hi there havent been through this myself but a friend has, she lined a potty with a nappy/pullup and put him back on there, then worked from there, nappy gone, just poo in potty then to the toilet ...

Sunday 11 March 11:13am

ReneeJ replied to topic breast milk not enough

hi there when my wee man was little i had a similar prob, i had tons of milk, but in the evening it wasnt enough, from about 10wks ethan had a bottle b4 he went to bed at night cause that was also ...

Sunday 11 March 11:10am

ReneeJ replied to topic ALL PARENTS NEED TO SEE THIS

thank you for posting this, we have been thinking of what type of seat our nearly 2yo boy is going into he is still just under the weight for his car seat but too big harnesses only just do up now ...

Friday 09 March 01:17pm

ReneeJ replied to topic Moving the car seat

hi there middle seat is safest if using tether strap etc...and if u can. but i think stats show most accidents happen to drivers side, so passengers side would be safer.

Friday 09 March 01:05pm
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