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mummyk replied to topic maternity shorts!

I recently got a really nice black pair from kmart. they were about $35 i think, the waist is really soft and comfy, they are kinda like cargo type material i guess and you can change the length of...

Saturday 05 December 05:57pm

mummyk replied to topic another cord cutting question

hello, with my homebirth, after i birthed bub in the pool, i held him to my chest in the water while i birthed the placenta (only took 5 mins to push baby out, and 45mins to push placenta out, go f...

Sunday 01 February 12:55pm

mummyk replied to topic Creating right environment for homebirth

i had ethan in our bedroom. i was thinking of our loungeroom originally but it is all open and cant be closed off if i wanted to. Ended up choosing our bedroom (which is very big and could easily h...

Sunday 01 February 12:49pm

mummyk replied to topic good books?

i second "a labour of love" and "hypnobirthing" i used alot of their advice during my labour and im sure it wouldnt have been as easy as it was with out them

Sunday 01 February 12:43pm

mummyk replied to topic Anyone from Byford??

Hello, Im in byford, weve been here for about a year and a half now. Im 25 and have 2 boys, aged 3yrs and 6 months. Hayley

Saturday 31 January 08:03am

mummyk replied to topic daylight savings poll.

yeah i agree!! i hate it too and hope that it doesnt become permanent

Saturday 31 January 07:57am

mummyk replied to topic what is your toddlers bedtime?

my goodness i could have written this post, except my 3yo calls out for us to come and read to him, get a drink, fix his blankets etc... the other night i put him to bed at 8pm and he was still awa...

Friday 30 January 02:44pm

mummyk replied to topic bedtime for 3 1/2 years old

its only daddy at work in our house, and most nights he is getting home between 5.30-6pm. DH and DS1 play for a little while, then we have dinner and showers then some quiet time watching an ABC pr...

Friday 30 January 02:40pm

mummyk replied to topic 3 yr olds sleep

Nicholas runs around all day, and before bed anyways so i think it would be impossible to get him any more active!!! He used to be such a good sleeper, but a few weeks after his brother arrived, go...

Friday 30 January 02:36pm

mummyk replied to topic 3 yr olds sleep

jezza i am having the same problem with my DS, although he is not quietly playing in there, he is noisy and singing to himself, calling out to us for various things (wants a drink, wants another st...

Friday 30 January 02:30pm

mummyk replied to topic Going insane, 2.5 yr old won't stay in bed

your not alone there! My ds who is 2yrs9months suddenly started sleeping really bad after the new baby arrived. We would put him to bed and he would use every trick to delay bed (ie wanting a drink...

Tuesday 21 October 05:52pm

mummyk replied to topic New mums group - Serpentine/Jarrahdale Area

hello, im in byford. weve been here for about a year. I dont know of any groups as im looking for one myself, but i think i remember seeing something on the library notice board a few months back,...

Saturday 11 October 03:45pm

mummyk replied to topic help perth mums

no you are not a hippy, OB's just tend to be against homebirths because they have no control over it. I too was wanting a water birth, but there is no hospital in perth that will allow it. King Ed...

Wednesday 11 June 01:27pm

mummyk replied to topic fire truck bed

Sorry, i should have said that we did this a week or so after his second birthday. He's been in there for nearly 2 months now.

Sunday 02 March 11:06am

mummyk replied to topic fire truck bed

Hi Danni, Im pretty sure i know what firetruck bed your talking about, i almost bought one for DS but didnt because i wanted to be able to lay down with him if need be and i couldnt with the sides...

Sunday 02 March 11:04am

mummyk started new topic Anyone in byford?

Hello, My names Hayley and weve just built in byford and i was wondering if there is anyone on here from the area? Im also keen to know if there are any mums groups or playgroups up this way? Im...

Wednesday 27 February 01:46pm

mummyk replied to topic Lilypie ticker instructions

Thank you!!!! I finally got mine to work!

Sunday 24 February 10:37am

mummyk replied to topic brushing teeth

I dont know of any books, but DS used to be a nightmare when it came time to brush his teeth. It was a huge fight every time. We introduced a star chart. When he was a good boy and let us brush his...

Sunday 24 February 09:41am

mummyk replied to topic The 10 rules about sharing - a toddlers perspective!!!

haha! love it!!!!

Wednesday 20 February 02:26pm

mummyk replied to topic Crying myself to sleep at night

does your DS have thing to play on where you can just watch, like a slide and sandpit etc outside? i would also suggest having a designated "quiet time" each day where he can sit quietly drinking a...

Saturday 09 February 12:28pm
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