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lulla replied to topic Same names

Abbey Caitlyn Abbey Mae (bizzymum) Abbey Patricia Martha (cherrob) Addyson Joan Aiden Declan (bel_aiden) Aiden Henry (turtle2) Alex Damien (alexandlaurensmum) Alex James (Megsnz) Alexis Maree (Sixe...

Sunday 08 June 02:38pm

lulla replied to topic Yukky Poos

Congrats Amber on your little boy's arrival! Can't believe mine is nearly 8 weeks old already. Also I'm glad that his poos changed back to normal almost immediately after you cut out milk from you...

Tuesday 01 January 07:57am

lulla started new topic Yukky Poos

Sorry if TMI, but my 8 week old has green, very mucousy poos. The Paed. said it is probably due to my diet as he is b/f, but I have cut out dairy, chocolate, caffeine and foods beginning with 'c'(...

Tuesday 01 January 03:52am

lulla replied to topic How Do You Speak To Other Peoples Children??

My honest thoughts are that the woman used harsh words to speak to the kids. I would have just said something along the lines of "excuse me love, can I just get past" However, my pet hate is unsu...

Sunday 21 October 07:29pm

lulla replied to topic (Another) Snapfish Question...

WOW, what a cool birthdate your DD has! I recently bought the set of 3 pocket books and was really disappointed. For starters the books are only credit card size, wheras I somehow assumed they mi...

Saturday 20 October 08:21pm

lulla replied to topic Storage of childrens artwork

I'm such a bad mum, my DD has never touched paint! Good ideas though for when I'm brave enough to let her try! LOL

Saturday 20 October 08:13pm

lulla replied to topic Confused about baby things....

I personally got sick of the nappy bag very quickly. You soon find you rarely need to use most of the gear you lug around. The best alternative is a cute small kiddy backpack, which usually come ...

Saturday 20 October 07:55pm

lulla replied to topic Labour and Hospital Bag

I could have missed it on your list, but I was in a few more days than you hope to be, and I couldn't live without my shaver. Some great ideas ladies! I also found I needed mittens for bubs as sh...

Saturday 20 October 07:36pm

lulla replied to topic NOVEMBER 2005 TODDLERS????

I have a little DD born 3/11/05. She is almost 22 months old, and has just started walking! YAY! About time! She is a little chatterbox, and loves her dollies. I have loved reading about the ...

Thursday 30 August 02:29pm

lulla replied to topic 22 Month Old Not Walking - Getting VERY Worried

Hi, It seems as though your little girl is up & away now, so I'd just like to say a big congrats! You will be so relieved! I'll add my little story for you and any other parents in a similar s...

Thursday 30 August 01:52pm

lulla started new topic Hand, Foot & Mouth

Hi all, My 21 month old DD has just been diagnosed with this, has anyone else had it, and what was your experience? DD's seems quite mild, she has no mouth ulcers that I can see (yet) but just se...

Thursday 30 August 01:36pm

lulla replied to topic I keep getting signed out

YUP, just like I had to sign in AGAIN to reply to this post! My biggest winge about having to sign in every 5 minutes is that by refreshing the page constantly, I am using up all my allotted down...

Tuesday 03 July 03:58pm

lulla replied to topic Confessions of a Huggies Mum...!

Ok, I'm sure we all do this right? Because we're on a tight budget, DH checks the debit and cc accounts. So if I want a little money for something for myself I sneak it by getting cash out at the ...

Tuesday 26 June 07:51pm

lulla replied to topic HELP! 26 hour flight with a 20 month old!

Good luck Helen is all I can say! We can both pop on here when we get back from our trips to advise all the other parents with a similar anxiety. We leave in 4 weeks, and I'm really dreading the ...

Sunday 17 June 08:55pm

lulla replied to topic Bach's rescue remedy sleep - anyone tried it???!!

Hi Lucy, Sorry, I haven't tried it, but only saw it in the chemist yesterday, and was wondering the same thing myself! So I hope someone on here can let us know how it works for them. I'm interes...

Sunday 17 June 08:45pm

lulla replied to topic HELP! 26 hour flight with a 20 month old!

Thanks so much Claire for your lovely long reply, I have also read many of your other posts on the subject of travelling, and they are all so informative! Maybe we will luck out like you and she w...

Monday 28 May 09:03pm

lulla replied to topic teething and fevers

Just adding another personal experience to our "study": DD is almost 19 months and has so far cut 14 teeth. The 1st 12 never caused a blip on the symptom radar, but with her 2 eye teeth, I experi...

Monday 28 May 08:47pm

lulla replied to topic relating to bubs gender and chinese gender predictor charts-

I'm interested to know what everyone elses outcomes have been on this subject too. Last baby said a girl (using the chinese chart and the month plus age one) and was right, and this next baby is m...

Saturday 26 May 03:46pm

lulla started new topic HELP! 26 hour flight with a 20 month old!

YES, 26 HOURS! We are flying to Toronto Canada, and the flight includes 3 stops and covers a 13 hour time difference. I have read some other posts on how to amuse todlers, but for 26 hours??? Al...

Saturday 26 May 01:19pm

lulla replied to topic Dermatitis / eczema on face

Thank you ladies for your replies. I should also mention that I also have psoriasis on my body, but this is definately not psoriasis on my face. I treat the psoriasis with elocon ointment on my b...

Friday 18 May 01:58pm
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