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babycakes replied to topic After Birth Question

Hi, From my own experience it was much like a heavier period lasting a little longer than normal. I believe generally you bleed for a week and a bit and then over time it changes to brown discharg...

Thursday 31 August 06:36am

babycakes replied to topic circumcision

Hi everyone, Well after reading many of the posts on circumcision, it is a very passionate topic and it is great to see many of us respect each other's own personal beliefs and decisions. I actua...

Tuesday 23 May 06:32am

babycakes replied to topic daddy doesnt show any intrest

HI Chrissy, I am not going to sit here and tell you to say stay or leave as the decision is yours to make. I believe that your concerns are genuine and definetly should be addressed as when the ba...

Tuesday 25 April 09:54am

babycakes replied to topic Navel piercings & growing belly

Hi, Just a quick one...but I kept mine in throughout my pregnancy and birth no probs! Am pregnant again so hoping it will be the same this time around.... Brooke xxx

Thursday 06 April 05:42am

babycakes replied to topic Cystis on overies

Hi, I have had a cyst on my ovaries after I had my son. I am now pregnant again so it posed no problems for myself. I have had it for about 2 years now and my doctor just sends me for regular chec...

Thursday 06 April 05:37am

babycakes replied to topic Lost

HI Mele, My heart goes out to you. I had the same thing happen to me in 2000 but at my 18week ultrasound and as yourself had no miscarriage symptoms. I then had all the genetic testing done and no...

Tuesday 04 April 10:44am

babycakes replied to topic The earliest anyone has felt Baby move?

HI Manda, Funny you should post this comment. I am 15 weeks with my second child and I could have sworn blind that I felt movement the other day. I know if it is not your first bub then you can fe...

Tuesday 04 April 10:30am

babycakes replied to topic ANYONE DUE IN SEPTEMBER

Hi, I am due with my second bub on the 24th September so share away..... Is this ur first? I am finding this pregnancy competely different from my first in every's unbelieveable but sti...

Tuesday 21 March 12:00pm
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