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sarah211078 replied to topic feeling like a crap mum

Tell yourself this right now I AM A GOOD MOTHER AND THE BEST MOTHER FOR MY CHILDREN!!!!! I have had many many days of feeling exactly how you are feeling. However I know that I'm doing the very be...

Saturday 12 June 01:07am

sarah211078 started new topic trouble fitting in and making friends

My 1st Son (July 2005) is now at 4 year old kinder and it seems is having trouble making friends. He loves to go to kinder and is always friendly to all the other kids however it seems that they do...

Thursday 10 June 11:30pm

sarah211078 started new topic 10 month old still not keen on finger foods

Hi, My son who is now almost 11 months actually, has been very slow in wanting to eat finger foods. We began offering them at around 8 months but he just wasn't really interested. Even now, he is ...

Tuesday 30 May 06:44am

sarah211078 started new topic good websites

Recently I discovered a website called and on this site it had a couple of sections devoted to clearance and sale items. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has come ...

Saturday 18 March 08:14pm

sarah211078 replied to topic How many Bottles& Amounts at 6/7 Months

hi natasha, I'm having lots of trouble trying to get my son to put on weight. He's 7 months on the 4th of frebruary and at the moment he's dropped right back to having 4 bottles a day of about 200...

Thursday 02 February 09:57am

sarah211078 replied to topic Babies born 4th July

Hi Em's mum, I don't mean to butt in on your conversation but I just wanted to let you know that my son was also born on july 4th, 2005. His name is Carson George and he was born at 5:30pm weighi...

Thursday 15 December 03:32pm

sarah211078 started new topic bottlefeeding guilt

From the minute that Carson was born he just wouldn't suck properly from the breast. I tried everything, stripping him off to his nappy, tapping him under the chin, cold facewashers, jiggling his f...

Wednesday 31 August 10:19am
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