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Larne2005 started new topic How to tt when weeing so often - she is nearly 3!

I tried putting undies on today after many weeks of tt with pull ups without success and discovered just how often she does wees, like every half hour to hour after just one drink. She isn't waitin...

Wednesday 24 September 04:45am

Larne2005 started new topic Vitamins for breastfeeding

hello ladies!! My son is six months old and he is enormous. He is pretty hungry and still rather resistant to solids. SO at the moment he is draining me both in milk and energy. I thought some vit...

Monday 04 August 04:21am

Larne2005 started new topic Top tips for surviving a newborn

I am currently hostessing an ante natal class and was wondering what are your top tips for surviving those early days and any other general practical baby tips for mums to be that I can pass on to ...

Tuesday 25 July 04:00am

Larne2005 replied to topic Wierd dreams you have when you're pregnant

Hiya Alice It is really common to have vivid dreams in pregnancy. I understand that it is caused by an increase in endorphins in the body, supposedly the feelgood hormone but makes the mind a bit...

Saturday 15 July 03:47am

Larne2005 replied to topic How much does your 8 month old sleep during the day?

Hi Sonja Ella is just turned 8 months and is having three sleeps a day. I have tried to get it down to two but she doesn't sleep for long enough (anything from 30mins to 1.5 hours). But she is s...

Tuesday 11 July 10:10am

Larne2005 replied to topic black outs

Hey Chrissy I would suggest getting your blood pressure checked as if it is high or low this can cause dizziness and blackouts, especially if you are stressed. Your poor sweetie I can't imagine w...

Saturday 08 July 04:17am

Larne2005 replied to topic Help! Our baby sleeps on his side.

My little sweetie now sleeps on her tummy and finally is sleeping all night. She wriggles heaps and gets herself into odd positions but seems to manage to keep on sleeping. I guess she has found ...

Saturday 08 July 04:03am

Larne2005 replied to topic sleep and 4 month immunisations

With DD's first needles she woke up screaming about five hours later. Apparently this is common as their legs start to hurt. However I hadn;t given her paracetamol and she was better when I did. ...

Friday 07 July 10:10am

Larne2005 replied to topic Radiologist wont tell me the sex!!

This has happened in England too. I think all hospitals no longer give opinions on the sex of the baby. Something to do with their ever-growing suing culture I think (becoming a bit American). I...

Friday 07 July 10:00am

Larne2005 started new topic Baby growing up - how do you feel

My DD is growing so fast I feel like she is leaving me behind. She is sooo much fun at the moment crawling all over the place and following me around, its soo cute. The other day I saw a newbor...

Friday 07 July 03:17am

Larne2005 replied to topic first words....

DD started saying mum mum when she was about 5 or 6 months old but only when she was grizzling and not necessarily at me. She started saying dad dad recently which made her dad very mushy and nan ...

Friday 07 July 03:00am

Larne2005 replied to topic I had my baby :)

Congratulations!! Your little boy sounds perfect!! Take care, will see you on the baby forums soon lol. Leanne

Friday 07 July 02:56am

Larne2005 replied to topic ECP AND BREAST FEEDING

You mean the emergency contraceptive right?? I think you will have to check with a pharmacist as it is similar to the combined contraceptive which you can't take. Obviously if you need it you need...

Thursday 06 July 04:13am

Larne2005 replied to topic Fussy Feeding at 3 months

Hiya I very nearly gave up breastfeeding because my daughter got sooo fussy with feeding at this age too. It is not uncommon for bubs to go on a sort of feeding strike. Its annoying and may mean...

Tuesday 04 July 08:21am

Larne2005 replied to topic Moving from Breastmilk to Formula Advice Wanted

Hi I switched to formula when DD was 5 and a half months old. Initially I just wanted her to take formula at night to see if it would help her sleep, but we struck a problem. She hated it. She ...

Tuesday 04 July 04:22am

Larne2005 replied to topic Hi! I'm new here.

Hey sweetie No wonder you are feeling down, feeling crap will do that to you - not to mention the changing hormones going on. If you are having more bad days than good days then perhaps have a ch...

Saturday 01 July 02:13pm

Larne2005 replied to topic think i'm going to pop very soon :)

I don't think you are going to make it till Wednesday!!! In fact I'm not sure you will make it through the weekend!! Good Luck you will be great!!! PS: I have been wanting to tell you this for ...

Saturday 01 July 08:09am

Larne2005 replied to topic THRUSH

This is the case in NZ also, it must be a new guidline that has happened quite recently. I believe it is because the Daktarin is quite thick and if you administer too much it can stick to the back...

Saturday 01 July 04:09am

Larne2005 replied to topic Fungal Nappy Rash

It is really common for nappy rash to turn fungal and it doesn't take much for this to happen. basically it takes a slight change in the environment i.e. teething is a common cause as the urine ch...

Friday 30 June 06:49am

Larne2005 started new topic sleeping on tummy - 8 months

Hi all you lovely mums My DD is suddenly crawling and rolling like mad and has started sleeping on her side or tummy. I don;t think she can roll on to her back in the cot without getting stuck. ...

Friday 30 June 03:29am
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