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virginie started new topic jervis bay holidays

HI, In april we would like to have some holidays in jervis bay (are from melbourne), do you know this area, it is nice and were is the best place to stay, vincentia, sanctuary point.... Thanks a ...

Thursday 04 March 01:51pm

virginie replied to topic french girls names

ines (ine-ss) I think we gonna choose this name my husband could not say properly!!! the other ones and i didn t hear for the moment an english name that i liked

Tuesday 02 March 02:13pm

virginie started new topic french girls names

What do you think about this names , wich one you prefer and can you pronounce them or are they too "strange"? ELEONORE INES ALGANE ORIANE SIRINE NOEMIE PERRINE CLEOPHEE Thank you

Friday 27 February 01:31pm

virginie started new topic new in Melbourne/looking for friends

Hi, I m Virginie, I come from Europe and live in Richmond> I would like to meet other mums from the area, I have a son Julian (2years old) My email: A bientot

Friday 20 February 11:53am
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