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shannie replied to topic another slow cooker question.. sorry!

sorry its probably a bit to late but yes you can cook a roast in the slow cooker, it won't go crispy but it will cook and be very tender. i cook lamb in mine with 1 cup of tomato sauce and 1 cup o...

Monday 14 April 11:17am

shannie replied to topic Mums from Toowoomba

Hi there I am a mum of 3. My son is 4 and will be going to prep next year and my boy/girl twins are 3. We are moving to Toowoomba in August this year

Sunday 13 April 05:39pm

shannie replied to topic moving to toowoomba

Hi we are also moving to Toowoomba in August - we have a 4yr old son who will be in Prep next year and 3 yr old boy/girl twins. I am going up there the last week in April to check out the dayca...

Thursday 10 April 03:22pm

shannie replied to topic Redlands????

Hi Sonya I know of a mum who lives around Redlands who is also a twin mum. Also have you tried - it is a world wide forum for parents of multiples. I have twins who are...

Thursday 10 April 03:17pm

shannie replied to topic Anyone seen our stolen car?????

OMG - I can't believe that people would do that, I hope that you get it back or at least the stuff in the car. If you need any stuff like car seats or stroller let me know (pm me) we have spares we...

Monday 08 October 05:43pm

shannie replied to topic Help!! Four month old daughter has suddenly developed a dislike for the car seat!!!

With DS 1 we went through this and turned his car seat around - he was probably about 1kg under the recommended age, we used one of those neck things (to help keep his stable). And we never looked ...

Monday 28 May 11:27am

shannie replied to topic First Time Mum

Hi Lou Im Shandell and I live in Forest Lake so not to far from you. We have a group that gets together pretty regularly, a few are first time mums others are not. We usually go to someones house ...

Wednesday 26 April 03:57am

shannie replied to topic QLD BREAST MILK BANK

WOW I think this is a really great idea - I will certainly be on my way to an ABC shop to pick up a cd.

Monday 24 April 11:20am

shannie started new topic When are parents going to stop

Yes we are inundated with Breast is Best, you should feed your child yourself etc. Most of this starts while pregnant and comes to a climax in hospital after bub is born. When are parents going to...

Sunday 16 April 11:51am

shannie replied to topic what to do when your toddler is losing wieght?

Firstly I would go to a doctor as their could be a medical reason for it. Second maybe write down what she is eating over a period of days, this is benifical because both you and the doctor can se...

Saturday 15 April 05:27pm

shannie replied to topic Night Time Nappies

Have you tried a different brand of nappy? or even putting the nappy on backwards? All of mine wet thru huggies, and didnt fit them very well around the tummy. I have used snugglers, baby love, h...

Thursday 23 March 09:37am

shannie started new topic Need baby good or clothes?

Brisbane Multiple Birth Assoc is having a bazaar on Saturday 18th, from 9am to 11:30am at St Brigid's old School Hall - 78 Musgrave Rd RED HILL. everything you can think of that is needed for bub ...

Saturday 11 March 08:07am

shannie replied to topic HE HEAD BUTTS THINGS??

I was watching a show on foxtel called the baby wisperer and she had a child who was doing this. All she did was get a bean bag or you could use something soft like a big cushion etc, and everytime...

Friday 03 March 05:52am

shannie replied to topic Where have you found the best variety of baby food?

There is a Woolies at Inala, Mt Ommaney, Darra and Sherwood. Bilo at Inala. Coles at Corinda and Mt Ommaney. Is bub almost 1? (sorry cant remember) have you tried the foods from 1-3 yet, there aren...

Monday 27 February 01:38am

shannie replied to topic My son hates pullups

put him in undies... yes you will still have some mess to clean up but it sounds like he wants to be a big boy - so go with it and get some undies. You can get cheapy ones from Best n Less. I think...

Saturday 25 February 01:27pm

shannie replied to topic Any Working Mums out there!!!

Hi Wendy Im Shandell and I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy Logan and 11mth old b/g twins Lachlan and Lilly. I have just recently started back at work on a casual basis but am working approx 30 a week atm....

Monday 20 February 12:01pm

shannie replied to topic Play Things At The Grandparents House

my parents have the same toys that I have at my house just in smaller quantities. I have a 2yr old and 10mth old twins. They have - cars, balls, digging toys, buckets, peek a blocks, dangaly pram t...

Monday 16 January 04:44am

shannie replied to topic What formula or milk to use!?!

cant be much help but you can get sachets of formula from the supermarkets or chemists, I would persist with cows milk though, maybe you could mix something with it. I know they shouldnt have choc...

Sunday 15 January 03:14pm

shannie replied to topic WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?

this happened with our boy who is just over 2 yrs old. Although we didnt last as long as you, he would tell us etc but then would wait until you took him off the toilet to wee or poo. We just stop...

Thursday 12 January 08:57am

shannie started new topic To MMR or Not!??

ok all of mine have been up to date with their vaccinations. I come from a family of 4 of which I am the youngest. My sister and eldest brother both had reactions to vaccinations, my sister ended u...

Tuesday 10 January 10:21am
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