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sleeplessonthecoast started new topic My controlling Mum!!

When my first son was born, she was unbelievably critical and after one particularly nasty fight, she actually said I did everything wrong and was a bad mother! I now have my second son (who has j...

Friday 29 October 05:04pm

sleeplessonthecoast replied to topic the friend I don't want anymore

Be honest and be direct. You are going to cause more problems by trying to give out hints that are probably not going to be picked up on. I was in the situation where my friend wanted to dump me,...

Friday 29 October 04:53pm

sleeplessonthecoast replied to topic my 4year old swears at me.

My son has just started this. I didn't react to it at all and treated it as any word he might say. We don't swear in his hearing so assume he picked it up at kindy. He continues to do or say thi...

Friday 29 October 04:42pm
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