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BOA4B3 started new topic child safety locks

Just wondering if others believe in locks on cupboards. I have them on all kitchen cupboards and draws as i know my toddler son will open them and jam his fingers as well as pull out the contents....

Friday 29 June 05:18pm

BOA4B3 replied to topic 13.5 months, weaning off breast and troubles getting to sleep!

First of all, what date was your son born? Mine was 12th of may 06, so they must be similar in age (13.5 months too). I am b.feeding still and have just in the last 3 days weaned him from a morning...

Friday 29 June 04:50pm

BOA4B3 replied to topic Daytime Sleeps

Thank you both so far, i am glad i'm not alone. Today we had a good play with other kids and i decided to wait until after lunch and when i could see he was tired. He cried for 10 mins and went t...

Friday 29 June 04:35pm

BOA4B3 replied to topic Motherless Mums

I was happy to see this post as i still have my mum but she lives interstate and we only see each other once every few months and then only for less than a week. Every visit is rushed and never eve...

Friday 29 June 04:27pm

BOA4B3 replied to topic god i love my kids!!!!!!!

I also miss my son and now he is sleeping more at night then he used to i appreciate him more because i get a chance to miss him. My little man is now 13 months and getting such a cheeky little gr...

Friday 29 June 04:16pm

BOA4B3 replied to topic Anyone Still Breastfeeding Out There?

Hi, Great to hear these stories. My son is 13 1/2 months and I have just gone from 3 breastfeeds a day to 2, morning and night just before bed. My husband and i want to try for another baby now and...

Friday 29 June 11:02am

BOA4B3 replied to topic He sleeps in our bed ...

Elyse, You will have to decide enough is enough and mean it. I had a similar experience a few months ago (my boy is now 13 mths) and it was getting beyond a joke and he was waking up all night long...

Thursday 28 June 06:02pm

BOA4B3 started new topic Daytime Sleeps

My 13 1/2 month old son sleeps well at night (12-13 hours) which is fantastic but during the day it's a battle of wills. Today i tried for 1 hour with him in his cot and he screamed alot, i went in...

Thursday 28 June 05:43pm
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