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Rainny started new topic Jeans4Genes - photo comp

Was just wondering once we entered our photos of our baby is there any where we can see all the entered photos?? Just wondering...

Saturday 28 July 10:43am

Rainny replied to topic Can I just many of you have 2 year olds who wake at night?

wow after reading all these posts I feel normal - my 2yo DS has given us a few full nights sleep but would normally wake to come to our bed at around 2am or 4 am starts off in his bed but ends in o...

Monday 23 July 05:40pm

Rainny replied to topic What comes first - toilet training or moving to a big bed?

My son is 21mths and we have moved him into a king/single bed and he loves it big time - he sleeps much better in a big bed. And we have also started toilet trainning...i just got the toddler seat ...

Wednesday 24 January 09:43am

Rainny replied to topic where to start????????

hi there my son is 21mths and we have just started toilet training - he is really good he knows when he has to go and yells to go to the toilet but when we get there he may have already just done ...

Wednesday 24 January 09:40am

Rainny started new topic Circumcision - will you or will you not do it to your son???

Hi Was just wondering how many of you have circumised your son's and why you did it??? Was it for your beliefs or something else? Interested to I have a son and never even thought about it

Friday 19 May 06:46am

Rainny replied to topic Anyone Born April 4th 2005 or there abouts

Hi All My son was born on 1st April 2005 - yep April fools boy... he is our first and hopefully soon we will have number two... So where are you all from..

Wednesday 17 May 08:05am

Rainny started new topic Glenroy - Playgroups Anyone

Hi All Was wondering about the playgroups in the Glenroy area for my son who is 13mths - if you go which one, where and what times... Thanks

Wednesday 17 May 07:59am

Rainny replied to topic Huggies Fun Car

Its so cool I love it - and my DS loves it. Its the first thing we have got from Huggies so I am really keeping an eye out for more call things...

Wednesday 17 May 07:44am

Rainny replied to topic Bugaboo

I have the bugaboo Frog and I love it - I know it is $$$ but it is worth the money... I really recommend it to anyone...

Tuesday 16 May 07:07am

Rainny replied to topic whats are your childs fav toys?

my son is 13mths at the moment he loves blocks - he tips them out of the box and one by one puts them back in, its really cute when he put them all in he claps his hands to say he has done a good j...

Tuesday 16 May 07:00am

Rainny replied to topic Birthday Cakes

You have to have a cake - for my DS first b'day on the 1st April this year I made him two cakes - the day time one with all his friends and cousins was a lion (he loves lions) and the night time ca...

Tuesday 16 May 06:50am

Rainny replied to topic hate sleeping

Well our children sound very much the same my son is now 11mths (3 weeks till the big 1). He was / is still a breast feed baby and would normally go to sleep on the breast then when placed in his c...

Friday 17 March 01:22pm
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