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BJC replied to topic TTC - Disappointing

Hi there, I know exactly how you feel...I got to that stage myself when trying to conceive my first child. I would cry every month and would get really down as, of course, everyone around you is fa...

Wednesday 18 February 01:58pm

BJC replied to topic Poo in the loo??

Hi there, My 3yo has only made the switch to undies last week and he has done 3 poos on the toilet by himself. He used to use the training pants like nappies and refuse to do poos on the toilet eve...

Wednesday 08 October 02:07pm

BJC replied to topic nappies leaking overnight

Hi there, My 3 yo has always been a heavy wetter overnight as long as I can remember. I always went up a size in nappies for the night and would also put in a "bebe nappy Mate" which is basically a...

Thursday 17 July 11:28am

BJC replied to topic Almost 3 and very Stubborn- Please help

HI there, I kind of know what you are going through....we have been toilet training for 3 months now.I got tired of cleaning up wee when we started plus my boy would just sit down in it and play wi...

Wednesday 18 June 04:56am

BJC started new topic I am so over toilet training!!

I seriously need some advice....My boy, who was 3 in April, has been in pullups since March. Since then, he has had his good days where they are hardly wet and will go to the toiltet but lately he ...

Wednesday 04 June 08:14am

BJC replied to topic Question about daytime sleep

hi there, My boy, who will be 3 end of April, has just decided that for the last few days to refuse to have his afternoon nap, after lunch. He did fine yesterday but still didn't go to bed last nig...

Thursday 28 February 03:16pm

BJC replied to topic I want another baby but hubbie is not sure....

Thanks Christina. Yes, I think it is all about the lack of sleep again ( more so my mood swings from hell when I am slee deprived!!LOL) and with both being a bit older (hubbie 36 and me 33) it will...

Thursday 07 February 05:41pm

BJC replied to topic to sit or stand when weeing..that is the question!

Thanks Alicia...I will have to go to toys r us and get them. I think the standing up has come from daycare as he had no problem sitting to do a wee before he started going to daycare!!! Funny littl...

Friday 01 February 09:09am

BJC replied to topic to sit or stand when weeing..that is the question!

yes I had seen the weeman and even looked at it on their web site but I think he would be too big for this but just not big enough for the "BIG" toilet. I will have a look at Big w to see if I can ...

Tuesday 29 January 03:39pm

BJC started new topic to sit or stand when weeing..that is the question!

I know this has probably been covered before but I wondered what everyone did to toilet train their sons! I started to get my nearly 3yo to sit on the toilet to do "wees" which works well when he d...

Monday 28 January 01:00pm

BJC started new topic I want another baby but hubbie is not sure....

We have a little boy that will be 3 in April and he is the best behaved boy anyone could ask for. He even wants to help me do the housework and tidies up after himself. He loves other kids and our ...

Sunday 13 January 01:51pm

BJC replied to topic help car seat trouble

Hi there, My 2 1/2 yo boy gets in his car seat in his "own" time which is not quite the same thing but I thought you might be able to try what I do. I brought a CD of his favorite book and he gets ...

Friday 02 November 07:27pm

BJC replied to topic Discolouration On Teeth

hi there, it is the whole tooth on the front is no colour in particular but looks like a scale....I may have to go see the dentist to see what it is

Monday 15 October 11:43am

BJC started new topic Discolouration On Teeth

Hi, I have noticed in the last few weeks that my 2 1/2 year old has got a scaly discolouration on his teeth.(It has appeared out of the blue) He doesn't like drinking water that much and has juice...

Sunday 14 October 04:27pm

BJC replied to topic 2 yr molars

I agree with kazi. My boy used to get a cold when teething and I think because they are a bit under the weather due to teehing that they can pick up other little bugs! My boy also gets a rash just ...

Monday 24 September 10:41am

BJC replied to topic cleaning kettle

I clean mine by putting half a lemon in a full kettle, boil it, then let it sit for about 10 minutes, empty it and then reboil to clean the lemon bits out!! It works a treat.

Saturday 22 September 11:11am

BJC replied to topic Toddler tantrums 2 years

Hi there, my son went through a stage like that (and still does at certain times) and I would get really upset and angry that he was doing I went out and bought a book (Toddler Taming by ...

Sunday 26 August 10:26am

BJC replied to topic scared of getting haircut

Have you tried taking books to read? This is also good when you have to direct their head a certain way as you can hold the book down low to make him look down etc. My 2 yo hates the cape so I don'...

Thursday 19 July 05:22pm

BJC replied to topic Any tips on how to get rid of conjunctivitis?

when my 2 yo was a baby he got conjunctivits a lot & the dr prescribed "chloromycetin eye ointment" & it works a treat. The only problem with it is you have to discard it after one month after open...

Friday 22 June 10:28am

BJC replied to topic 19mth old girl wee's so much at night, her nappy l

Hi there, My boy went throught that stage from about 15 months & I heard about "nappy mates" from this forum. They work so good that he is now 2 & we still use them in his nappy at night. You used...

Thursday 21 June 12:17pm
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