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graciemoo replied to topic Opinions on suburbs around Brisbane

I'm in Runcorn and find it great. On a bad day it's a 45 min commute to the CBD. It's close to good primary schools, and is pretty central to decent shops at Sunnybank Hills & Calamvale. Also has h...

Friday 23 September 02:08am

graciemoo replied to topic What are YOUR childrens names?

BOYS Joshua Noah Keith Kai Mitchell Kyan Nicholas (pronouced like Ryan but with a K) Dylan Jack Oliver Paul Logan Mark Tyler Malakai Declan Charles Noah Rhiley Owen Charlie Alex James Lachlan Dwayn...

Tuesday 23 February 02:20pm

graciemoo started new topic STAY AT HOME DADS!!

I need to know if there are any stay at home dads out there at the moment? I need advice!! My DH recently lost his full time job and was having problems finding something else with regular ongoing...

Friday 10 April 08:10am

graciemoo replied to topic What does a Chelsea LOOK like??

I love the name Chelsea!! However when I think of that name I think of - early 20s, gorgeous, dark brown eyes, dark chocolate/black long straight hair, skinny, smart, rebellious, has tattoos, an...

Tuesday 07 April 11:41am

graciemoo replied to topic Ryker Owen

I also thought of the NY prison straight away [Edited on 06/04/2009]

Tuesday 07 April 11:35am

graciemoo replied to topic Shannon/Shannan

I'm a Shannon and I've personally never met any other girl Shannons - I know they are out there somewhere though lol. I do know of at least 5 boy Shannons though. Having said that, I think it's...

Tuesday 07 April 11:32am

graciemoo replied to topic Safe Brisbane suburbs!

Hi there, I agree with most of the others in saying stay away from Inala, Woodridge, Kingston and Eagleby. I'd also stay away from Trinder Park, Browns Plains, Bethania, Loganlea, Meadowbrook, Bo...

Tuesday 07 April 11:22am

graciemoo replied to topic Kahlia??

I would pronounce it Ka-Lee-ah Simply because my DD1's name is Halia and this is how I pronounce her name but with Ha at the beginning instead of Ka. I know a little girl with this name but her n...

Friday 20 March 01:52pm

graciemoo replied to topic What middle names are in your family?

Violet - grandma Lesley - mum John - dad Jade - me Launz - brother Lyric - DD1 Grace - DD2 Archer - nephew Kai - neice Dorothy - SIL Bronwyn - aunt Jay - aunt Waju Yetunde Alolodai - cousin (1st bo...

Monday 02 March 08:02am

graciemoo replied to topic What is your Grandma/Grandad called called first and middle?

Maternal grandparents - Winsome Violet & Joe (not sure if it's just Joe or Joseph, also not sure of middle name) Paternal grandparents - Margaret (but went by the name Peg - not sure of middle nam...

Sunday 01 March 01:54pm

graciemoo replied to topic It's too hard!!!

Hi, My DD2's name is Lylah - I initially liked Lilah but people pronounced it either LEE-lah or Lil-lah rather than the Ly-lah that I wanted. So, to fix it we spelt it with the Y instead of the...

Thursday 19 February 10:37am

graciemoo replied to topic Do you like Martine for a girl?

This is my aunt's name - I really don't like it. It's kind of European sounding and she's French so I guess it suits her but certainly nothing I'd pick.

Tuesday 10 February 06:56am

graciemoo replied to topic Most creative spelling of a name youve seen

Keith - Keefff That guy's parents seriously must have been drunk when they spelt his name......... Officially the WORST spelling of any name I've ever seen - plus when you say it like they've spe...

Tuesday 10 February 06:49am

graciemoo replied to topic What is an "UNUSUAL" name to you?

Girl - Darling Lovely England (I work in a hospital and this was actually one of our patient's names - a cute little old lady from England) Boy - Dragen

Tuesday 10 February 06:46am

graciemoo replied to topic Peyton?

Definitely a girl

Tuesday 10 February 06:45am

graciemoo replied to topic "Naughty" names?

Ive found Ben, Matthew and Jason to be the naughtiest. They generally turn into great adults though - I am married to a Jason after all. My mum was a teacher and refused to call me Michelle because...

Monday 19 January 05:44am

graciemoo replied to topic Whose surname should we use????

Hi, I was in the same situation. Engaged but had both of my girls first. I didnt want them having a hyphenated surname because my maiden name alone is 9 letters long. I had every intention of chang...

Saturday 17 January 09:05pm

graciemoo replied to topic Samantha...

Not such a fan of either. Im surprised your sil likes Prisilla - i would imagine that would be hard for a Japanese person to say...

Saturday 17 January 06:43am

graciemoo replied to topic What do you think of Axel???

I dont like it sorry. All I think of is Axel Rose - and I cant stand Guns n Roses.

Friday 16 January 01:30pm

graciemoo replied to topic Your Fav Girls Name!

My fave girls names are - Halia (dd1) Lylah (dd2) Lyric Grace/Gracie Avalon Harper Monet Violet Eden Willow Isobel Gisele Peyton Just a couple lol I've always found girls names so much easier to...

Friday 16 January 01:22pm
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