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babyluv1 started new topic Disturbing Behaviour--playing "down there"

Since my youngest was about 8 months old she has gotten into a habit of putting a pillow or blanket between her legs, spreading her knees wide apart and rubbing "herself" on it. Now she's 3 and sti...

Thursday 23 June 08:28am

babyluv1 started new topic Paci Fairy

After reading through all of the many different things a parent can do to get rid of a child's pacifiers--or encourage her to do so on her own--we decided to use the Paci Fairy. My three year old w...

Saturday 21 May 08:36pm

babyluv1 replied to topic Hernia in pregnancy

I had a hernia caused by my 2nd pregnancy. Took me ages to figure out what it was! I didn't know! It was so painful though that I had surgery just last year to fix it so I wouldn't have to deal wit...

Saturday 21 May 08:04pm

babyluv1 started new topic Help! I feel like the crabbiest woman on the planet!

I am SO cranky! I can't even stand being around myself. This isn't me! I feel so sorry for my girls because instead of just talking to them politely I've really been snapping at them and yelling at...

Saturday 21 May 08:01pm

babyluv1 started new topic stomach size

THis is my 5th pregnancy and hopefully will be my 3rd child. I have never ever had my stomach size vary so widely from day to day. Most of the time I am big and cannot button my pants up. Then I wa...

Tuesday 10 May 11:24am

babyluv1 replied to topic D&C questions

So sorry for your loss. I lost two babies last year after having 2 completely normal pregnancies/births. Weird! Anyway, after my 2 d&c's I also had very little bleeding, more so with the first tha...

Thursday 05 May 11:56am

babyluv1 replied to topic Pregnancy after Losses

At about 9-10 wks, my belly went back to almost normal, I was gutted and thought that was it, even hubby noticed it had gone right down, so when I went for the 12 wks scan I was certain that I had...

Tuesday 03 May 09:09pm

babyluv1 replied to topic Pregnancy after Losses

Aquarius - so excited to hear that your scan went okay. What a huge relief! So far my body hasn't miscarried yet so I still have hope. All of my fingers are crossed. Maybe THIS baby will live. . .

Tuesday 03 May 07:37am

babyluv1 replied to topic Pregnancy after Losses

Oh I can understand the nervewracking wait. My last baby grew until 12 weeks. Then I knew. My body hadn't started to miscarry I just knew in my heart that I had lost the baby. So after torturing my...

Saturday 30 April 07:44am

babyluv1 replied to topic Pregnancy after Losses

Thanks for your replies. Knocked up, I got teary reading your note. What a tough journey you have been on. I am so afraid to let me mind truly believe there is a baby growing in my tummy. I'm afrai...

Friday 29 April 06:38pm

babyluv1 started new topic Pregnancy after Losses

I am now 7.5 weeks pregnant again. This is my 3rd pregnancy within one year. I am trying to not even think about the pregnancy in hopes that I might not ache so badly if I also have to say goodbye ...

Wednesday 27 April 08:26am

babyluv1 replied to topic Never actually thought Id be in this situation

I am SOOO sorry to hear of your loss. Oh my, to actually have met your little baby. To hear his cry and see his little face. Then to have to say goodbye. Oh it breaks my heart. What a time you had ...

Monday 29 November 12:10am

babyluv1 replied to topic I should be having

I wondered if I was the only one who felt that way. I just had another miscarriage a few days ago (last one was in June). I was 12.5 weeks along this time. We'd seen the baby moving around on ultra...

Sunday 28 November 11:50pm

babyluv1 replied to topic Again. . .

You lost 3 in a row? Wow. How did you cope? How did you keep hoping? I guess you have to keep hoping, huh? I find myself wanting so much to try again, hoping that it will take! But I'm so scared! M...

Sunday 28 November 11:24pm

babyluv1 started new topic Again. . .

I have two gorgeous, healthy little girls. And we really want a third one. I had a miscarriage in June and I just had a miscarriage two days ago. It stinks. I was 12.5 weeks along. I'd already seen...

Saturday 27 November 09:04pm

babyluv1 replied to topic heartrate and gender

Oh yay! There is hope! Out of about 30 or so of my friends--ALL of their kids heart rates fell correctly within the old wives tale about gender. Only one of my friends had 2 boys that had heartrate...

Sunday 07 November 10:11am

babyluv1 started new topic heartrate and gender

Okay, so I know it is supposed to be an old wives tale that if the baby's heartrate is between 160-180 beats per minute that it is a girl and if the heart rate is around 140 or 150 then the baby is...

Saturday 06 November 06:14pm

babyluv1 replied to topic Natural mosquito repellents

Avon's Skin So Soft hand lotion works wonders on repelling mozzies and is gentle on babies skin. Other than that you can buy some expensive natural mozzie repellents. I have one that has citronella...

Sunday 03 October 09:17pm

babyluv1 replied to topic positive tests but possibly starting my period

Well, I had my hcg levels tested through two blood tests and my levels doubled in 48 hours so that means I am officially pregnant!! Spotting, cramps and all! Woohoo!! I'm SOOO excited. Here's prayi...

Tuesday 28 September 11:23am

babyluv1 replied to topic how early did you show?

Congratulations! I was almost in my 3rd trimester (week 26) before the first person was brave enough to ask me if I was pregnant (and they even said so, they thought I might have just been getting ...

Friday 24 September 09:57pm
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