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nel85 replied to topic Medical termination. Any mums that have had to go through this?

So sad to hear what you have gone through. It's not people's right to judge you on your situation and what you decide. I am also a person that bottles things up. I had a termination a few...

Friday 05 April 10:07pm

nel85 replied to topic Help 4 year old boy

They tested him for urine infection- they told me they would ring if any problems. Yeah already been thinking of taking him back to docs this week. Tonight he was crying in pain so not sure what's ...

Monday 31 October 07:44am

nel85 started new topic Help 4 year old boy

Hi I have a 4 year old boy and for the past 3-4 weeks he's constantly on the toilet doing wees! I'm not quite sure what's going on. He does a wee every time. He could use the toilet about 6-7 times...

Monday 31 October 05:32am

nel85 replied to topic am I over reacting

Hi i work in childcare and that is so unacceptable with toliets not beening clean, not knowing if she been to the toilet and the boss yelling on the phone where the kids can hear. I not long ago he...

Sunday 20 February 09:18pm

nel85 replied to topic Ceral ideas for 1 year old

Totally agree with you nature mummy i would never give my 1 year old coco pops. I have a 16 month old and a 4 year old and neither of them have had coco pops. They normally have Porridge, wheetbix...

Sunday 20 February 08:51pm

nel85 started new topic Need help and advice

Hi my 16 month old son had the gastro a week ago and now that hes over it i cant seem to fill him up(he went a week without eating)Hes also waking up at like 530 as hes so hungry No matter what i g...

Sunday 20 February 01:35am

nel85 replied to topic 3 year old weight

My lil man just turned 4 on monday and had his needles on wednesday and i think she said he was 110cms tall(would have to get my book to confirm that) but hes 18.2kg

Friday 18 February 06:20pm

nel85 started new topic Gastro bug

Hi I have a 15 and half month old lil boy. On friday night he had the vomiting and the diarrhoe had started on sunday. He has been having dry food and no diary. Today i gave him a quarter cup of ...

Thursday 10 February 12:15am

nel85 replied to topic Toddlers and pillows

My first son had on at 6 months old and my second had one at 12 months they both love there pillows to pieces

Thursday 27 January 12:50am

nel85 replied to topic At what age did you stop stressing

I still worry about temps. Aden is almost 4 and tyler is almost 14 months. I have had a very long n stressful last few days with Aden. He has had 40 degree temps since friday although they have set...

Friday 17 December 01:15am

nel85 replied to topic To circumcise or not?

I dont know what its like for an uncircumcised penis as both my boys were done at 3 weeks of age for many reasons but pirely daddy is done n want the same for the boys. If it is smelling i would se...

Thursday 09 December 12:55am

nel85 replied to topic boys names please

My boys are Aden and Tyler

Thursday 09 December 12:46am

nel85 replied to topic Chest infection need help

Im just over it n he so clingy n sooky(which you can understand) but just dont know what else i can do for him

Wednesday 24 November 01:54am

nel85 replied to topic When did you toddler stop napping?

Wow i have a nearlly 4 yr old and a 1yr old. My nearlly 4 year still sleeps at lunch time for almost 2 hours and my 1 yr old still has his morning and linch time sleep

Wednesday 24 November 01:41am

nel85 started new topic Chest infection need help

Hi I have a 13 month old lil boy. He came back from hols with a very rattly chest and a very nasty cough. So i took him to docs on sunday n turns out he has a very nasty chest infection n told me ...

Wednesday 24 November 01:34am

nel85 replied to topic Whooping Cough Help!!

Hi Whooping cough seems to be going around a fair bit lately(not sure were u are from) but know a few ppl that have it. My 13 month old son has a chest infection and asthma but seems to have a ver...

Wednesday 24 November 01:29am

nel85 replied to topic Help! NAN formula. which one?

Hi I havent use wither formula but i was always told by the midwifes prior to giving birth when i imformed them that i wont be breastfeeding not to get sucked in to the gold formulas as there isnt...

Thursday 07 October 12:44am

nel85 replied to topic When can i stop sterilising bottles?

Hi I have a 3and half year old and a 11 and month old and i have never sterilized a single bottle as i was told you dont need to. All i did was rinse the bottle after use and at night time put them...

Thursday 07 October 12:40am

nel85 replied to topic Huggies jumbo boxes

Traget has them on special for $30 a box for 2 weeks

Tuesday 05 October 09:14pm

nel85 replied to topic Want to Buy Kids Combo Play Gym 2nd hand

How much are you willing to spend? I just had a look at targets sale that starts this thursday and they have one in there i think for about $199 save $100

Tuesday 05 October 01:34am
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