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HB2007 replied to topic How much milk @ 12 months

dani09 - hopefully l havent confused you. My maternal health nurse said 600ml of dairy, so that includes the milk, cheese and yogurt. I bought some heinz organic vanilla custard powder and my ds ...

Sunday 13 January 06:57pm

HB2007 replied to topic No poo for 4 days

If you are worried l would speak to your gp, but for a breastfeed baby this is considered normal. If your baby is showing any signs of distress or is not having a lot of wet nappies l would take t...

Sunday 13 January 05:46pm

HB2007 replied to topic Drinking water

I would try a cup, or even a normal water bottle. My DS loves to share our water and loves using the normal bottle. Also, l would add more water to your babys food and that would help to increase ...

Sunday 13 January 05:43pm

HB2007 replied to topic new zealand fruit??

Most of my fruit is from Australia - but just wanted to let you know that we started my little one on golden delicious apples, but when l found the granny smiths cheaper l started using them and he...

Sunday 13 January 05:42pm

HB2007 replied to topic How much milk @ 12 months

I was also told 600ml by my maternal health nurse. My little one takes a bottle first thing - varies between 150ml and 180ml. I add 60ml to his cereal and l give him yougurt at breakfast. I do of...

Sunday 13 January 05:39pm

HB2007 replied to topic HELP!!! Am I feeding DD too much solid food??

Forgot to mention, when my little one was refusing milk, he ended up with a tooth the following week - could he be teething?

Sunday 13 January 05:35pm

HB2007 replied to topic HELP!!! Am I feeding DD too much solid food??

I would personally cut down on the solids. Milk is the priority still at this stage and 600ml may be a little on the low side for 6 months. If you are concerned about fluid intake, up water or when...

Sunday 13 January 05:34pm

HB2007 replied to topic Yoghurt?

Hi - my little one loves yogurt and we started him on it about 7months. I did buy the baby yogurt for a little while until l wised up and now l buy a tub of 1kg full fat yogurt for him. He didnt n...

Sunday 13 January 05:31pm

HB2007 replied to topic 12mth old routine

Our little one is probably awake at 5.30am - he is 11 months today. When he wakes he is offered milk 180ml. He may snooze till 6.30am - this is rare, otherwise we are out for a walk. 7.30am breakf...

Sunday 13 January 05:28pm

HB2007 started new topic What brand do you buy? Full fat milk.

Today we went into the supermarket to pick up a carton of full fat milk. We just came home with the Coles Full Fat sort. Mum said - hope you didnt buy the store kind, did you get Pura? Wouldnt y...

Tuesday 08 January 08:27pm

HB2007 replied to topic 12mnth old still wakes at night with wind

Our boy is almost 11 months and we find when we dont use infacol in his milk his sleeps are the worst! Your not alone in having a older little one that suffers from wind still. Hope this is resol...

Sunday 30 December 08:26pm


We love huggies nappies here. We buy them on special and they are often as cheap as other brands - this has often worked in our favor. We did have some early leak problems but this was resolved b...

Sunday 30 December 08:23pm

HB2007 replied to topic What formula are you using??

We also use NAN 1HA - it was recommended to us by our ped and was used once at the hospital. My little one suffered terribly with wind when l was breastfeeding him, and we found with a combination ...

Friday 28 December 06:31pm

HB2007 replied to topic How much does your 11/12 month old drink

I am not sure on how much they should be drinking - have you had a chat with your maternal health nurse? My boy is almost 11 months as is also off his milk. We probably do 5 120ml feeds a day. Whe...

Friday 28 December 06:25pm

HB2007 replied to topic NEWBORN FORMULA TO FOLLOW ON??????HELP

Have a chat with your ped or maternal health nurse - when l did they said there really was no need to change the formula once my ds turned six months. They said that the follow on formula was more ...

Friday 28 December 06:22pm

HB2007 replied to topic Whats your BF Baby weight gain???

Our little one was born 3025g. By week two he was 3640g. By week four he was 4600g. and at 2 months (around the time we introduced formula) he was 6180g. We demand fed our DS and he gained a whoop...

Friday 28 December 06:20pm

HB2007 replied to topic Dr Brown bottles anyone??

If you are trying to locate them use this link - We use them and found them a god send for a very gassy baby! Even now...

Friday 28 December 06:13pm

HB2007 replied to topic Tummy sleeper

When my ds started to sleep on his tummy l freaked out! I kept rolling him back and he would wake and noone was getting any sleep. I then called SIDS Australia and they said if your little one is ...

Friday 28 December 06:08pm

HB2007 replied to topic help needed urgently please

It is really difficult once they start getting a bit mobile. I know that for a while there my little one was doing 20 minute naps and l was about to go bonkers - that has resolved itself now and h...

Friday 28 December 06:05pm

HB2007 replied to topic i feel horrible (Controlled Comforting)

I havent had time to read the other responses but l just wanted to share with you our own experiences. We have a very difficult sleeper - doesnt nap during the day, multiple wake up at nights and ...

Friday 28 December 05:57pm
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