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LB466D replied to topic Nystagmus

DD2 will be 4 in July and she has nystagmus. She was also born with Congenital Glaucoma so has poor vision from that condition. Interested to know how you go.

Thursday 23 February 08:52pm

LB466D replied to topic need some info and advice on aspergers

Hi I don't have direct experience with aspergers but I'd highly recomend you speak to an occupational therapist as they would also be able to assess him. My daughters have sensory processing dispo...

Thursday 23 February 03:12am

LB466D replied to topic Obstructive sleep apnea in 1 year old

Where are you located? I would recomened you get a referal to a peadiatric sleep specialist and have a sleep study done as soon as possible. I cannot beleieve that a specialist only suggested the s...

Wednesday 22 February 08:36am

LB466D replied to topic DS's first week at school & having trouble

I'd talk to the school and make them change classes, and if that doesn't work is changing school an option?

Wednesday 22 February 08:16am

LB466D replied to topic Bloating after drinking milk and weight issues

I'd look into A2 milk. I put the whole family on it and it has really helped DD1s bloating. your DD sounds a bit like mine, always hungry. My girl also has some sensory issues and I think is very o...

Wednesday 22 February 08:10am

LB466D replied to topic Tooth help!

I think there are 2 schools of thought on this. My duaghter recently ahd to have some dental work done on rotting teeth. Our dentist capped them with stainless steel crowns and whe I asked why can'...

Tuesday 20 December 11:13pm

LB466D replied to topic Does anyone else have a baby/child with a hearing impairment in one ear?

My little girl is completely deaf in her left and now also has a mild hearing loss in her right. She is 3.5 and most of the time you wouldn't know she has a hearing loss. My brother by co-incidenc...

Saturday 26 November 01:05am

LB466D replied to topic Exhausted Mum with Super Active baby

I am actually in the same boat and sorry to some of the other responses but if your child is like mine then no this is not 'normal' baby behaviour. Now this is not meant to worry you but rather gi...

Friday 25 November 01:15am

LB466D replied to topic Parents and IL's visitng us

My family do the drop in or self invite with notice, ILs wait to be asked. But then they also never used to hold the babies unless I specifically asked them if they wanted a nurse, then on the next...

Saturday 12 November 01:19am

LB466D replied to topic nothing could have prepared me.....

Yes there is always mountains of washing, but you'll find your standards drop over time. A wet tshirt will dry out, stains - well your bound to get one on your top some time before you leave the ho...

Saturday 12 November 01:11am

LB466D replied to topic Nightmares

We did it helped for a night or two. We've tried everything, monster sprays (lavender), toys in the bed, toys lined up across the window on monster watch, meditation books, reading .... time and cu...

Saturday 13 August 02:10am

LB466D replied to topic Reflux Maybe??

Doens't sound like reflux just a happy chucker. refluxers are very unhappy babies. Definitely try to burp more. Breastfed babies will stop feeding when they are full so it probably isn't because ...

Friday 12 August 11:57pm

LB466D replied to topic Would you say something

I would only say something if you have first hand experience with an autistic child and are sre what you see is waht you ahve experience with, otherwise maybe just mention it to a mutual friend who...

Wednesday 10 August 02:07am

LB466D replied to topic Can of "Toughen Up' needed!!

I can see bits of both my daughters in what you described and was going to suggest things but then realised he is only 3. he is still a baby. you should be able to cry and be scared of things at t...

Wednesday 10 August 01:07am

LB466D replied to topic 2 Year Old Speech?

I'm sorry but 50-100 words for a 2 yr old. That is extreme. I was told at that age it matches pretty much their month eg 20 months 20 words, and this doesn't have to be clearly pronounced. Maybe...

Wednesday 10 August 12:22am

LB466D replied to topic chickenpox !!

Ditto on questioning whether it was chickenpox. Did they get blistery and then crusty? If it was then it was a pretty mild dose and I'd still get the 18 month vaccine because I doubt she'd have an...

Wednesday 10 August 12:15am

LB466D replied to topic 23 Month Old Not Stringing Word Together

My DD2 was going to a speech therapist and got stuck at the one word only stage. The therapist had us working on memory games to try and get her to remember two things and then she said two word s...

Friday 15 July 11:44pm

LB466D replied to topic 3yr old still dribbling

Ditto the speech therapist avenue. A good one should give you exercises to strengthen his muscles. A good first point anyway.

Friday 15 July 11:34pm

LB466D replied to topic VBAC or CS

Really it depends on how much you want to try again for a natural birth. I had a planned cs for medical reasons for my first and suffered emotinally afterwards as I really had been focussed on a n...

Friday 15 July 11:30pm

LB466D replied to topic 4 yr old needles

I delayed my girls for a couple of months. I got a few letter from the government reminding me and then telling me they would stop reimbursing me for child care fees if I didn't get it done. They a...

Tuesday 05 July 12:37am
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