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scbejari replied to topic Against homebirths???

I would be too scared to homebirth, JMO.

Friday 19 March 06:02am

scbejari replied to topic wanted please :)

Try ebay

Tuesday 23 December 09:44pm

scbejari replied to topic Please help me! I am at my wits end... 2 year old wakes up to 10 times a night!

Oh dear! Sounds like you need to set up a routine for your son. Take a look at Tizzie Hall's Save Our Sleep. This is a CC method, but works well if you stick to it. Another book to try that does NO...

Tuesday 23 December 09:43pm

scbejari replied to topic BABYS DO suffer AND ARE UNSETTLED while teething.... even though professionals may disagree!!!!

Posted by: Kristen I Hey Ladies, i dont know how many of you would agree (even though many professionals opinions may differ) my daughter is now 21 months old, and everytime a new tooth is about t...

Tuesday 23 December 09:39pm

scbejari replied to topic Try this technique for bubs that wake up during the night!!

Posted by: Rach311 This is for the mums that have bubs that wake up during the night. My definintion of sleeping through the night is a 10-12 hour sleep.. I agree with the 10-12 hours classed as...

Tuesday 23 December 09:36pm

scbejari replied to topic Routine Routine Routine!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sounds like my 16 month old DS atm! He will have an hour nap about 11ish, then want to go back to sleep at about 3-4pm! If I dont put him down, he is a nightmare, really whingy and wont eat hi...

Tuesday 23 December 09:33pm

scbejari replied to topic Mentally Tired - Vent!!

Yes I do feel like you do somedays! My son is also stubborn, and hits and chucks tanties, and he is only 16 months old! ((BIG HUGS)) to you, and I hope tomorrow is a better day! P/S: Putting you...

Tuesday 23 December 09:30pm

scbejari replied to topic Fathers visitation rights with 9 month old baby

This is a tough one! What was your ex like with your son before you split? Is your ex able to care for your son for more than 3 hrs on his own? These are all questions you need to consider befo...

Tuesday 23 December 09:24pm

scbejari replied to topic Changing Formula

May I ask why you changed formula? Did bubs get constipated on the Novolac? I have never used this formula, but my DS was on the Karicare Thickener placed into normal formula and did not have issu...

Tuesday 23 December 09:19pm

scbejari replied to topic breast baby how do u get them to take a bottle or dummy???

Sorry, my only advise would be to contact your CHN or Paed. My son took well to the bottle, but he was only 3 weeks old and really struggled with the breast. Good luck...

Tuesday 23 December 09:16pm

scbejari replied to topic Circumsion

Sorry, but why did you post this topic in the Breast and Bottle Feeding section?? And just for the record, my DS is NOT "done", and I dont plan on getting him "done"! JMO...

Tuesday 23 December 09:14pm

scbejari replied to topic is it wrong to not want to get married?

Posted by: Moo_Courty ive seen a few posts on here bout weddings and for a long time now i have thought i dont want to ever to get married. is that weird? GOD NO! Each to their own I say...

Friday 07 November 02:21pm

scbejari replied to topic Could the people

I was 17 when it happened for me. It was all good too

Saturday 01 November 02:07pm

scbejari replied to topic serious Q, its so not funny

Posted by: Moo_Courty ok what do u do when ur child likes the naughty spot??? i sent court to the naughty spot the other day, and i said to her once she says sorry she can come and play and she sa...

Wednesday 29 October 02:50pm

scbejari replied to topic Hands up

Posted by: ***MoNkEy&SqUiRt*** who wants to come over & help me bath the kids....... DF is away till Sat morning & I can't be fugged. So baths will be tonight & Thursday night...... Anyone????? L...

Wednesday 29 October 02:48pm

scbejari replied to topic BOB's topic of the day is...

My DSS "has" ADHD, and personally, I feel his mother should have gone to other venues rather than put him straight on pills. My DSS is on dex, and it actually has made him so sick from coming down ...

Thursday 23 October 10:21am

scbejari replied to topic Would you go?

Tough one!! I would say go. but on the other hand, I think that maybe you shouldn't cos he is your ex, and I don't think his fiance would like yo see you there!!! JMO!

Friday 17 October 09:40am

scbejari replied to topic VENTING - WORK

Posted by: laurenjoh Okay, im so ****ed right now, the other day i informed her that i would like 4 days of in November i have given her over a months notice that i will unable to work those days. ...

Friday 17 October 09:33am

scbejari replied to topic RE: Nappy leaking overnight - Any suggestions?

The nappies you get from Aldi (Mamia brand) are brillant! I find them alot better than H*****s nappies, and I use the Mamia ones at night. They fit Jack heaps better, and he doesnt leak!!! HTH!

Thursday 16 October 05:38pm

scbejari replied to topic Mirena

I went a saw my girlfriend today and she imformed me that she had one inserted about 4 weeks ago. She has had bleeding on and off, with some spotting. She has also had PMS and period pain, which sh...

Thursday 16 October 05:33pm
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