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*Boo*Bear*Bump* started new topic Cleaning help!

I have pulled out the bassinet to get it washed and ready for bubs only to realise the covers dont come off so I need to wash it all while still on the frame. What is the best way to do this and w...

Tuesday 21 February 12:22am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* started new topic The daily Breakfast Battle

DD1 is 4.5yrs and Im having a constant battle with her to eat her breakfast. I have tried taking things away, keeping her home from dancing, lots of praise, reward chart, letting her choose her bre...

Tuesday 21 February 12:20am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic The thought of buying a new pram...

So by the time my new bub is born DS will be 19 months. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a pram that will suit a newborn and toddler? I have done so much googling I am all googled out! ...

Tuesday 10 January 02:03am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic 2yr old horror sleeper!

Yes, he has a big dinner (about an hr before bed), and has milk @ bedtime, and goes to bed same time every night, with the same routine (pj's, teeth, milk, & story, then sleep(i wish! ) doesn't s...

Tuesday 10 January 01:56am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic 3 day TT

Sent it Any questions let me know. Hi Keeki, Got the guide, thank you for sending it through. Just a question, how did you go with the no nappies at nap/night time? DD2 sleeps everywhere on h...

Wednesday 04 January 11:30am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic 3 day TT

Started TT ds 1 month ago and i used the 3 day potty training method. I just wanted to give it a huge wrap My ds is now fully TT night and day it was a hard 3 days but he finally got it and no a...

Wednesday 04 January 08:59am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic 3 day potty training

If someone could pretty please email it to me too it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Friday 18 November 10:01pm

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic HELP!

Thanks for all the suggestions. We don't know the family ona personal level only through doing a job for them but they were really lovely people so we wanted to do something to show that we are thi...

Friday 04 November 07:46am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* started new topic HELP!

Our family business has not long finished a job for a client and today we have found out their 2 year old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer We want to send them some flowers as they were a ...

Friday 04 November 05:53am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Oh my goodness!!!

That is insane! I'm sorry I just think that is plain rude. Christmas is about the kids and spending time as a family. We don't buy gifts for DH siblings, there are 6 of them and none of them ever ...

Thursday 20 October 12:46am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic TTC October :)

Thanks dote, pink_cupcakes and thanks Kirsty. I'm going public - can't afford private. It's only another 3 months or one more failed pregnancy to go, so I'll keep trying until then That sounds re...

Wednesday 19 October 04:37am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Book Suggestions / Help

Thanks for that. I will have a look

Tuesday 18 October 02:54am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Slow Cooker Help

Thank You

Tuesday 18 October 02:42am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* started new topic Slow Cooker Help

Can someone please tell me how to cook silverside in the slowcooker. Would love a tried and tested recipe. TIA

Tuesday 18 October 02:01am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* started new topic Book Suggestions / Help

Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any books or anything that I can read to my DD1 who is 4 about Private Parts and not to let anyone touch/look. She is a very friendly and out...

Tuesday 18 October 02:00am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Clomid Mummies

Hi Ladies, I have been following your journey on here and I just wanted to pop in and wish you all the best of luck! I have also been reading the comment on here from the sh!t stirrer and I just ...

Saturday 15 October 01:44am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Which Hospital Perth WA

Hi I'm a first time mummy looking for a good public hospital to give birth in the northern suburbs. I've had a tour at the Birthing Centre at King Edward where the staff are all very nice but th...

Saturday 01 October 01:49am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Can first time mums leave after 4 hours?

Can i leave if i think they are being unreasonable for making me stay? I dont want to be stuck in a noisey ward, I have heard Hutt Hospital is particularly noisey and i dont wana be stuck there if...

Thursday 29 September 05:29am

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Looking for an obstetrician in Perth?

Hi, I contacted him on Friday and I got on and I am 8 weeks. I assume that you would have him for the birth but I haven't actually had an appointment with him yet so that will be one of my questions.

Monday 26 September 10:48pm

*Boo*Bear*Bump* replied to topic Looking for an obstetrician in Perth?

Hi, I had both my DD's at Mercy and Dr Bruce Thyer was my Ob. He is FANTASTIC Although unfortunately we will not be using him for this bubs. The 20 week fee ($2150) would be due a week before chr...

Monday 26 September 10:12pm
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