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bRi-BaBy replied to topic When's the right time?

I told my boss at about 7wks (pretty much as i found out... But I am lucky and have a wonderful boss and was and still is very supportive and allows me to work as i need to. and i will still have m...

Friday 23 March 05:41am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic I'll have a baby by tomorrow :-)

Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Friday 23 March 05:34am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic how far along in your Pregnancy ????

I'm currently almost 32wks with number 2 (we are having a boy YAY).. Everything is going along smoothly.. other than the normal aches and pains. I'm still working which takes alot out of me as i wo...

Friday 23 March 05:32am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Do you leave you child/ren in the car?

I now leave my daughter who's almost 5 in the car while getting fuel and have done since she was about 18mths - 2 before then i would get her out.. anything else i wouldn't leave her in the car.. ...

Wednesday 14 March 07:08am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic are you over protective with your kids?

I would say I'm not an overly protective mum! My daughter who is nearly 5 has always been very independent. she uses adult cutlery but is still getting the hang of cutting up food.. i mostly do it ...

Wednesday 14 March 07:02am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Due May 2012

Hey Everyone, I'm currently 30weeks pregnant with number 2.. Due May 18th... YAY 10weeks to go! I am super excited to meet our little one! We already have a daughter who will be 5 in June and now...

Monday 12 March 10:41am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Sleeping on your left side

I sleep on both side or however i find to be comfy even sometimes laying on my back... ask ur doc/midwife/ob but in the end your the one who is trying to have a good night sleep with a bump getting...

Saturday 28 January 04:39am

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Two Issues

I kinda know how you feel... When my dd went for her 8mth check up we got told she was FAT! she wasn't quiet walking yet and only just started crawling. she had the nerve to tell me to stop feedin...

Thursday 04 February 10:08pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic 2yr old with a large belly

My DD is 2.5 and has a "pot belly" i was a bit worried to begin with. she is quite tall (99cms tall). but lately it has seemed to settle down so im not overly worried at this point. but as they say...

Tuesday 12 January 11:20pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic What are YOUR childrens names?

BOYS Joshua Noah Keith Kai Mitchell Kyan Nicholas (pronouced like Ryan but with a K) Dylan Jack Oliver Paul Logan Mark Tyler Malakai Declan Charles Noah Rhiley Owen Charlie Alex James Lachlan Dwayn...

Tuesday 12 January 11:07pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic tips for moving from cot to toddler bed please!!

I dont have tips per say, but our DD moved into her big bed this time last year! we didnt really make a big deal about it. she got my old king single bed. we made sure she had her special toys. she...

Tuesday 12 January 11:05pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic is it normal for a 2 year old

our DD is shrek, Dora, Garfield and curious george obsessed

Tuesday 29 December 11:14pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic question for those in a committed relationship/marriage

i dont go looking for compliments but i like to look nice makes me feel good. i dont think its wrong to be seen as attractive by someone else other than your partner. but hearing from your partner ...

Wednesday 23 December 11:26pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Another post got me thinking.

my and DP arent married yet, but we have been together for coming up to 5 and a half years. my parents are still married. they have been together since mum was 14! DP's parents are still married ...

Wednesday 23 December 11:18pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Dads showering with little girls

I dont understand why this is an issue! Our dd loves having showers or baths with us or her Nana. im sure dd will eventually grow out of it and what to do it on her own. And the undies thing seems ...

Wednesday 23 December 10:54pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic slightly odd question....does your toddler have OCD?

my DD has only just recently done similar things. she builds with her blocks but only uses the yellow ones... if i build with her she uses all of them but if she does it on her own she just uses th...

Wednesday 23 December 10:35pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic 2.5 year old... how tall???

my DD was born june 30th 07 born 8pd6oz and was 54cm tall... she is now 98cm tall and is about 18kgs. she is half a head taller than her little friends...

Monday 21 December 05:58pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic Banning dads from births

i complete disagree with this article. i didnt have much attention for DP but if he wasn't there i wouldn't have had a hand to squeeze or to wipe my face with a cool flannel. at first i didnt want ...

Wednesday 22 July 04:55pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic How old was your DD/DS when they moved out of a cot ?

We moved our DD into her big girl bed at 18mths. She has my old bed which is a king single. She has only fallen out twice since being in it. We have a bed rail on which is a longer rail and only ha...

Wednesday 22 July 04:34pm

bRi-BaBy replied to topic How much to you pay for your huggies nappies?

i always wait til they come on sale. i got some today, 2 boxes for $66 i wont spend more than 35 a box.

Friday 10 July 08:46pm
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