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Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic OPINIONS NEEDED- Is this Fair???

hi - just my two cents worth - i would ask. Only because i had a similar thing happen to me. I had always planned on naming my little girl Kaitlyn, and when a relative was pregnant with a girl sh...

Wednesday 21 March 05:33pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum started new topic having differculties with 14 month old

My little boy is 14 months old and I am a full time mum (who rears calves on the side) his dad works from home and manages two large dairy farms and my boy only wants his dad. I'm really strugglin...

Thursday 10 November 06:10am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic dairy farming parents

Hi Jaimee-lee, I live on a dairy farm, my partner is looking after two large scale dairy farms west of Wellsford. How old is/are your child/ren? I have a little boy who is one next week. His nam...

Tuesday 16 August 07:34am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic cheese for 6 month old...

Hi, we are advised in NZ to wait until 8-9 months before giving cheese as its a dairy product. My boy didn't have finger foods til about 8 months. Hope this helps

Tuesday 02 August 01:14pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Bub not cruising at 10 months??

Hi Sandra, my boy is named Liam also! I too think its nothing to worry about, and although you can get things like a trolley for him to walk behind, until he is ready there isn't anything you can ...

Thursday 28 July 01:40pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic eczema has any one tried?

Hi, my bub has excema on his cheeks, I use emu oil which has worked really well for him, and also the blackmores vitamin E cream to moisturise and help his skin to repair itself, hope this helps

Tuesday 26 July 04:42am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Walking... How old?

Hi Kirsty, my boy started walking at 10 months and i too wished he'd hold off a little longer... where has my baby gone?? But he was just like your little one as if you tried to help him he'd just ...

Wednesday 20 July 12:24pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Boring old potatoe

Hi Ellas mum, my boy LOVES potato, always has. He is 10 months old now but has been having mashed potato since he was about 6 months. His favourite meal is mince and mashed potato, dished out sep...

Tuesday 12 July 12:56pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic so much work!!

Hi, my partner has one job, but its on call 24/7 and He works ALOT I hardly ever see him, and Liam misses out abit too. And of course when he does spend time with him he seems too distracted so it...

Monday 11 July 01:41pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic The closer I get the more I am unsure

Hi, I had names picked out but when bubs was born Liam was just what came to mind and suited him, it wasn't on our list!

Friday 08 July 09:53am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum started new topic Won't eat yoghurt

My little man is 10 months old and can't have commercial baby food, as he reacts to it. He won't eat yoghurt and would like some ideas on different desserts. I make custard with formula for him, ...

Friday 08 July 08:57am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Questions on Tizzie Routines

Hi beckysam, why don't you give Tizzie an email with your questions, she is a lovely helpful lady and I'm sure she wouldn't mind answering them. Her email is with the routines. I didn't start my ...

Wednesday 29 June 03:26pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic 10 1/2 mths, should i drop a feed???

If you want to drop the amount of milk, you could just give them a half bottle at one feed and see how it goes? My boy is 10 months old and I give him 4 bottles a day, he has 200 mls in morning whe...

Monday 27 June 10:15am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic First Giggles

Its magic isn't it?! I think its the best sound I have ever heard when my little man laughs. He started laughing at me nodding my head at him! He used to find head movements incredibly funny! He...

Saturday 25 June 12:35pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Ideas? Bub can walk, but still wobbly? shoes? he wont wear socks! pulls em straight off?

He sounds like a very smart little boy! I think his balance will get better with practice, I personally wouldn't worry about shoes, if you do decide to get them make sure you get them fitted prope...

Saturday 25 June 12:30pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Average age for crawling?

I don't think there is anything to worry about, I think around 8 months is average. My boy started early. I think you should try encourage more tummy time though. When Liam was younger he hated ...

Saturday 25 June 12:27pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum started new topic Waking Disposition...

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to improve my 10 month old boys waking disposition. He sleeps well, goes down at 7.30 and sleeps til 6.30-7. (we don't get him up til after 6.30). H...

Saturday 25 June 08:32am
Liams Mum

Liams Mum started new topic to all mums feeding commercial baby food

Hi, my son is almost 10 months and was fed commercial baby food from 5 and a half months until about two weeks ago. Of course it was conveniant as we were out alot so didn't really think twice abo...

Wednesday 22 June 03:03pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Lumpy Food

Hi, my son is nearly 10 months, he also has a good appetite. With lumps we have found that if we let him feed himself they tend not to worry him as much. So although its quite messy, we just give...

Wednesday 22 June 02:51pm
Liams Mum

Liams Mum replied to topic Pulling himself up

Hi Skye, my little man also pulled himself up to standing before he could crawl. He now stand unaided and can squat then get back up to standing. He runs around the furniture and walks along holdi...

Wednesday 22 June 11:27am
Liams Mum
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