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tashskis replied to topic Belly Button Scab Any Ideas?

i used baby methylated spirits... it was fantastic. it kept it clean all the time and dried it out very quickly. just for interest why did you hubby say not to?? if you are interested, i used go...

Friday 23 November 09:36am

tashskis replied to topic How long did you wrap your bub for?

i guess it depends how long you wrap him for, if he is wrapped all the time he won't be able to move or get stronger. I still wrap my son at night and he is almost 2 months.

Friday 23 November 09:32am

tashskis replied to topic hiccups

yeah my son can go for like 30mins with the hiccups. there is no way to surely stop the hiccups because it is an uncontrolable reflex. i just let him go, they stop eventually and he doesn't seem to...

Friday 23 November 09:25am

tashskis replied to topic Dummies or NO Dummies

1) yes it helps my son settle into sleep and its a distraction when is is grizzly 2) if i didn't have a dummy i would either be sitting there with my finger in his mouth or he would be on the brea...

Friday 23 November 09:21am

tashskis replied to topic Dreams!!!!!.....with a new born

i did the same thing, i dreamt that he cried and i got up and breast fed him and changed him and it was so real. and then the next thing i know he was crying and my partner went and got him and sai...

Tuesday 20 November 03:01pm

tashskis replied to topic showers

i put him in his cot, and go for a shower. I have the piece of mind that he is safe in his cot and not in any danger. And if he does cry than he crys, its not life threatening, and i'll be there is...

Tuesday 20 November 02:58pm

tashskis replied to topic Return of menstruation while breastfeeding

i was looking for a past just like this. my son is almost 7 weeks and my bleeding stopped at 4 weeks after birth. and yesterday i started bleeding, i wasn't sure if it was my preiod because like yo...

Tuesday 20 November 02:50pm

tashskis replied to topic Young first time single mum.

Heya. I'm tash, i'm 16 going on 17 in july and i'm 24 weeks pregnant this week and I live in brisbane. Congrats about the baby. did you find out if it's a boy or a girl or are you leaving it for ...

Sunday 17 June 04:55pm

tashskis started new topic Young Mums to Be

Hey, I'm Tash, i'm 24 weeks pregnant and 16 years old, just wondering if there are any other mums to be in brisbane around my age.

Sunday 17 June 04:52pm
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