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~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic what to do help

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. It's stressful enough without that kind of negative input. Like OC1246 said...YOU are the mum. With DD1 (6am)we had to get transferred back to our hospital, wh...

Friday 18 June 06:45am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Will you??

I try to keep myself 'hairfree' most of the time, but I did really struggle with it when I was preg. No one cares. I was more embarrased about having hairy legs TBH when I was having both. Lol. I m...

Friday 18 June 06:39am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic TTC after Mirena

Thanks guys. I am actually loving having the Mirena. I get very little spotting every couple of months and have had no side effects. It's going on 2 years now that I have had it. Very sorry to thos...

Friday 18 June 04:43am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic WELL im size 12, obese....

I am happy with my body, especially for having 2 kids by 22. I used to be a lovely size 8, full C cup, rock hard abs, legs and ass, and a normal 60kgs. After DD1 I went straight back, even after pu...

Sunday 13 June 11:55pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Planing TTC #3

Hi, I have always wanted 3 or 4 kids. I'm 23 and I currently have 2 DD's, 4.5 and 2 (both quick and natural). We would love to have a boy, but would be happy with a healthy baby either way. They ha...

Friday 04 June 04:01pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ started new topic TTC after Mirena

Hey, we are going to start ttc early next year. I currently have the Mirena and have no bleeding (occasional spotting). I have heard it is recommended that you start the pill to get your cycle regu...

Wednesday 02 June 01:06pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ started new topic Do you clean their rooms?

I have been struggling to get Kaili to clean her (and Mace's) room. They both make an equal amount of mess but seeing as Mace isn't quite big enough yet I try to get Kaili to do most of the cleanin...

Saturday 13 February 03:24pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Just wondering

Thanks guys. I will have to sit down and have a chat with her (have to be on the phone, she is in nz, Lol) I know she wouldn't mind, she is one of those loving caring people that want everyone to b...

Friday 12 February 08:55am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Wow

You poor thing! She is probably more insecure about herself, which would be why she sent the message. I found out the hard way that there is a privacy setting that allows friends of friends to send...

Friday 12 February 08:43am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ started new topic Does anyone practice feng shui?

I just thought with the Chinese New Year coming up on Friday, I would see if anyone had little tips? I have quite a few, and thought I'd share a couple. Like wind chimes at your front door to block...

Thursday 11 February 12:14pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ started new topic Just wondering

what you would do if you were planning to conceive bub #3 this year but your bestie has just had a miscarriage. She is all ok about it though, agreeing that it wasn't the right time and it's for th...

Wednesday 10 February 04:55pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic I know it's been done a ZILLION times...

I would suggest having the main meal at lunch. At east she would be eating a bit of it then. I have the bottom shelf of our fridge set up for the girls. There is cold meats, yoghurts, fruit, vegies...

Wednesday 10 February 04:38pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic What are you reading/book recommendations.

I have a few favourite authors that have many books out. I especially like the thriller books (where you can never tell what is going to happen) I am currently reading Jeffery Deaver, Bloody River ...

Wednesday 10 February 04:31pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Mt Gambier Mummies

Well I am still in Millicent (lol, Hi Ambz).

Monday 08 February 09:56am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Boob Jobs

I am wanting to get mine done. I have never had big boobs but having kids just turned them into flapjacks. I am scared about getting them done and note sure of the outcome. I have been researching...

Monday 08 February 09:25am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic opinions?

It's what girls do!! They love to look pretty and copy mum. My girls have their toy makeups (and end up looking like Lady Gaga. Lol) and come in to watch when I'm putting mine on (hopefully to not ...

Saturday 30 January 07:35am

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Show us your bellys!!!!

I had Kaili (girl) a day early. She was 7lb 6 oz. This pic is 2 days before she was born. Belly with Kaili Macey (also girl) was a week early. She was 7lb 9oz. This is the day before waiting in h...

Friday 29 January 07:16pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic With Great Sadness

My heart is breaking for Jess and her family! God only knows what they are going through. I just hope that they find they strength that they need. He was a beautiful soul made into an angel too ear...

Friday 22 January 09:59pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic Have you had an IUD? Looking for info

I got the Mirena put in at my 6 week checkup. Was just like having a long arse pap smear (which I had done at the same time lol) I didn't know you could get an anesthetic. I had slight cramps with...

Friday 15 January 05:24pm

~*K*and*M's*Jelly*Belly*~ replied to topic TTC very first time March(ish) 2010! anyone else in the same boat??!!

Hey. My name is Alice, I am 23 and have 2 beautiful girls already. We are hoping to start ttc around March/April. Just have to see how finances work out. We have decided to consider this time frame...

Sunday 10 January 11:37am
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