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oly replied to topic i had my beautiful baby boy july 16th

Congratulations! I hope that you are enjoying motherhood!

Tuesday 18 July 02:47pm

oly replied to topic stylish boys names J or Z

Hi Rebecca J, i really like Zander or Jackson for boys names with Z & J.. xoxx Oly

Wednesday 14 September 04:02pm

oly replied to topic Pyloric Stenosis

Hi, i am so glad everything worked out for you in the end.. We had the ultrasound to check for this aswell, however it was ok and just severe "Happy" chucker reflux! So true, if you think that som...

Thursday 28 April 03:32pm

oly replied to topic Huggies Play Tunnel

I have just recieved mine and DH hates it, she cries and wont crawl though it, she actually is quite scarded of it.. I dont regret getting it though as friends kids who come and visit love it, Who ...

Wednesday 27 April 04:55am

oly replied to topic Car Seat Turn Around

Our car seat manual said that we could turn the baby around if 2 of the 3 were present:- was 8 Kg Was 60 cms Could sit up We turn our daughter around when she was 7 kg, we went to a RTA fittin...

Sunday 24 April 07:55pm

oly replied to topic Just wondering

I found out I was having a girl via a CVS ( like an Amino and 12 weeks ) and when i went and had my 18-20 u/s you could see 3 kind of white lines in the pelvic area.. as we already new it was a gir...

Sunday 24 April 07:33pm

oly replied to topic just a random stupid question

my understanding as to why they are not recommended is that they can stop the air flow around baby when they are asleep - not good for sids .. aswell as when baby is able to stand and pull themself...

Saturday 16 April 06:27pm

oly replied to topic baby custards

Hi Zoe I think that they have just changed the labels as the recommendation for starting solids is from 6 months.. although had i waiting this long my little girl would have been very unhappy.. i ...

Saturday 16 April 06:12pm

oly replied to topic its a BOY

I really like Noel, Joel, Ty, Cory

Friday 15 April 04:03pm

oly replied to topic Anyone know how to find an independent midwife?

I am am not 100% sure but i think that there is a Midwife registary board or similar and they may be able to point you in the right direction..

Sunday 03 April 05:19pm

oly replied to topic I lost my baby girl when I was 22 weeks pregnant.

I am so sorry to hear your story. Keep brave and smile for the children that you and your husband do have... I am sure it must have been the hardest decision of your life. I wish you all the best ...

Saturday 02 April 04:38pm

oly replied to topic Cows Milk

Olivia is fully weaned onto cows milk.. I stared using it in her breakfast cereal and cooking around 10 months and now at 1 year she is no longer having formula.. I just began to substitute 50mls o...

Thursday 31 March 12:16pm

oly replied to topic Busy-bodies disturbing baby when trying to go to sleep in her pram.

I agree, just say no to people if they are wanting to look, play with yuor baby during sleep time.. if people go to peek a look when she is covered in the shops just stop them and remind them what ...

Thursday 31 March 12:06pm

oly replied to topic When do you change from a anti reflux formula to a normal formula?

Olivia has just been weaned from Karicare AR reflux formula to cows milk ( she has just turned 1 ) I keep her on the reflux formula on the advise of my pead, who basically said if it works, stick t...

Thursday 31 March 12:03pm

oly replied to topic bad news

fingers crossed xoxoxo

Wednesday 23 March 07:26pm

oly replied to topic It's a Girl !! And she makes our little family...

congratulations! I hope that you are enjoying her very much! I love her name... very sweet

Wednesday 23 March 07:20pm

oly replied to topic Baby Names

i really like the names you have chosen... would you call the girl Natasha and then shorten it to Tash or just Tash .. Lincoln is so cool... i love it

Wednesday 23 March 07:09pm

oly replied to topic Which one ??

I like Marcus James.. I love the name Marcus.. i think it isnt too common and is a very strong sounding name for a little boy

Wednesday 23 March 07:04pm

oly replied to topic VBA2C

good for you for trying to go natural.. I cant recommend a DR sorry, i am in Sydney and although your happy to travel i think it might be a bit to far!!! goodluck in your quest to find a DR who wi...

Tuesday 22 March 12:44pm

oly replied to topic is it alright to take my neborn baby out

I went out all the time with a newborn.. Even went to woolies on the way home from hospital when she was born.. My tip is to haeva list of everything you need to take out with you, then you wont...

Monday 07 March 02:44pm
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