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**Tracey&Stephanea** started new topic Heinz Tokens

Hey guys i am sooo close, yet sooo far!! The promotion is ending in a couple of weeks, and i could really use your help!! If anyone has given up on the promotion, or just has a few spare tokens......

Thursday 12 June 04:32pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** started new topic For those stingey mothers...

which includes me <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Lol. Anyways, a freind just emailed me this link. I'm sure you have all heard about it, but i thought i'd still post it. It'...

Thursday 12 June 04:27pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic So are you.....................????????????????????????

I had 3rd degree tearing with my first, but worked REALLY hard on my pelvic Floor muscles, and everything is quite normal Actually better than normal DF tells me! lol. But i have always had very g...

Tuesday 10 June 05:35am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic .

I THINK i know how you feel. I have battled with eating disorders since i was 15. I ended up hospitalised a few times, having to be fed through a tube because i had collapsed and refused to eat. It...

Tuesday 10 June 05:21am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Fellow Sex and The City lunatics!!

Lol even just talking about it gets me all excited! Sad huh! Haha. I would definately pay to go see it at least another 5times!!

Monday 09 June 06:14pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Fellow Sex and The City lunatics!!

Lol i'll admit to dressing up a little more than i normally do...but i normally dress up when i go out anyway. But there were women there in ball gowns!! Lol, i assume they were women who weren't r...

Monday 09 June 06:03pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** started new topic Fellow Sex and The City lunatics!!

I'm sure all of the true fanatics would have seen the movie by now... I saw it friday night, and for the second night of it's realease, our cinimas was more packed than i could have imagined! There...

Monday 09 June 05:52pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Sex and the city movie

I was too busy watching the movie to pick at it! It was frickin FABULOUS Oooh, i can't wait to see it again! Poor DF is dreading the day it comes out on DVD. Muah ha ha!

Monday 09 June 05:49pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic To all the girls that talk to R

I have no idea whats happened! I have sent R a message to see if everythings alright. But i am sooo out of the loop right now and have no idea. Hope everything is well xx

Thursday 05 June 10:53am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Eye cream

People like that lady drive me crazy. She obviously has no proffesional knowledge what-so-ever, and is probabley a dried up prude who is trying to make herself an easy buck targeting vonourable wom...

Thursday 05 June 10:45am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Wooooo Hoooooo

Oh my sweet lord!!! CONGRAT-U-FREAKIN-LATIONS!!! I must be so ignorant, i wasn't even aware you were TTC! I was just thinking today (swear on my life) "I wonder if Tanya is planning on having anot...

Wednesday 28 May 01:12pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic my kids are in the

How bazaar. But M is a teeny weeny Lol. My DS still isn't in a 1...suprisingly...because he is a giant! Lol. But if i were to buy him any new clothes now they would be in size one.

Wednesday 28 May 05:26am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Recycling...

We still have the ol' fashioned recycling bags. Our council is too slack to have given us all actual wheelie bins! lol. But our recycling is emptied every week tho...i don't know why they are onl...

Wednesday 28 May 05:22am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic HOW BLOODY STUPID!!!!!

Lol. Oh well, at least you'll definately get your whole bond back!! That's pretty slack of them tho!

Wednesday 28 May 05:17am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic If you see this...

Lol! I wonder if that was for real, or photoshopped. It looks pretty realy tho

Wednesday 28 May 05:16am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Carpet Stains?

Lol no, tounge is planted fimly in centre of mouth. I was being serious!! I've tried the vinigar and bicarb over night...and i'm just about to vaccume it up, so i'll let you know how it goes Othe...

Wednesday 28 May 05:13am

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Carpet Stains?

masons mummy, it says on the forum that you have replied, but when i click on the thread there is no replies. How bazaar.

Tuesday 27 May 06:09pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** started new topic Carpet Stains?

Ok, sorry, i know this is the wrong section, but as we do not have a search function i can't find the posts, and can't find the answer in the appropriate section. What is the combination of bicarb...

Tuesday 27 May 05:58pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic Sebatious Cyst

If it's just a fatty mass is your sebacious glands, leave it. It'd be easier to leave it than to get it cut out. I don't understand why he wants to cut it out tho, couldn't he simply drain it?

Tuesday 27 May 04:12pm

**Tracey&Stephanea** replied to topic whats your SIGNATURE perfume...

If we are asking what our signature scent is...rather than every scent we like...i've just changed to Mariah Carey. I LOVE it. I wear it everyday and always get commented on it. Prior to the change...

Tuesday 27 May 02:33pm
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