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When I was preg all i wanted was Mcdonalds cheeseburgers and their coke drinks. Couldnt get enough of the watered down coke! Or enough cheeseburgers!!!

We bought the Babylove ezy combo booster last year. After alot of measuring (not exactly fun with an 2yr old) we found that one to be the tallest. And it has just been given the highest safety rating for that type of carseat. We Love our babylove carseat, its really great, heaps comfortable (we go on alot of 10-12hr road trips, and she has never complained) and it was Alot cheaper then others for that weight range. My mum bought a 14kg+ booster seat, the Infa secure Vario Max Booster Seat for her car, which came in on top for the booster seat catagories. And that was $99, and it came with the mat for underneath. And while we haven't used it much, it seems like a really good chair too. Good luck!

My mum bought my dd a floor puzzle from The Early Learning Centre. Its 48 pieces, made of foam. And has this awesome picture of a castle, unicorn, wizard etc on it. It was on special for $15, but i think usually they're about $40. It says for ages 3-8yrs, but dd got it when she was around 2, and didnt take long for her to do it all by herself.

I picked up 5 Tinkerbell t-shirts from Kmart for $3 each, with the original price being $10 each!! $3 a top is a bargin, so i got a few for now, and a few for when she is bigger.

They are so terrific! Job well done. Was it easy to make? My dd is an Octonauts fanatic and would jump with joy if i made a Captain Barnacles and Kwasi cake. I'd say you will have a super happy birthday boy tomorrow!

Have you tried Best and less? I have heard that they are good. I did find though that Kmart undies, in a 5-7 pack were a little smaller. As were the packs from Target. I think I have bought a gazillion pairs of undies for my dd, as she decided at a young age to TT, then changed her mind! roll eyes Also the terry toweling ones (while terribly daggy) are were alright at that age. Good luck!

We also went to Aussie. We rang them up, they found a guy that lived in our 'area' and made an apt with him. Easy peasy. They even come out to your house with their nifty little computer where they enter all your details in and then show what the banks will offer. Didn't cost anything either. He got all the papers etc in order, and all we had to do was sign on the dotted line when the contract etc was all ready. We had to have ALL our papers eg birth certificates/proof of ID/Bank statements copied as well, can't remember if we took those for the first appointment or if it was after when we signed. I know how hard it is. We basically had to buy our house as we couldn't for the life of us get a rental. Good Luck!!

I am not sure if its common, but I know that my child (she is 3yrs 6mths) has only just recently started to like sand. She didnt like the texture of any sand, whether it was wet or dry. It was a joke between my dh and I that we could of parked her under the umbrella on a towel at the beach and left her there knowing that she wasnt going to move from that spot! (Not that we did that!!) After speaking to an Occupational therapist, she suggested applying firm pressure to the soles of her feet b4 placing them on the sand. I think alot of exposure and no pressure to do anything on the sand also helped. Not sure if that will help, as my dd is alot older then your little one, but atleast u know u are not the only one with a bub that dislikes the sand. If it makes u feel better we couldnt get dd to walk on grass or concrete either till recently. She is quite sensitive on her feet. All kids are different! Good luck with it!

I tried as well to contact a play group. Though I am much lazier, I only emailed once! There is one running in Dunbarten drive, they had a flier up at a few of the shops a while ago, as they needed more people, but I havent seen that recently... There is also the library, they have an under 3yr old story time on tuesday mornings, at 11.15-11.45am. Plus for 3 to 5yr olds they have story time Thurdays at 2pm and Fridays at 11.15am. I have been to the younger kid one a few times, but it gets pretty busy, and my dd wasnt too interested. She'd much prefer find books to read of play at the park!!

Yes, ALL the time! It drives me batty. I have a 3yr old DD whose wardrobe currently varies from size 3-6!! In underwear, she wears either 2-3 (some she outgrew before even getting to use as they were tiny) or a 4-6 (some are far tooo big, others just right) OR with the special tinkerbell undies, a 6-8, which are tight on her. I just do not get it. How can it be that hard to make all the same sizes the same size??? It is really frustrating.