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mandy67 replied to topic How much is a 5 month old ment to sleep during the day???

Hi Nici I wouldn't be worried about your son's sleep. My boy is 5 months aswell, born 29.03.05 and he is only awake at the most 90 mins between his sleeps. I have a routine given to me by a sleep...

Saturday 27 August 04:10pm

mandy67 replied to topic When did you stop wrapping?

I stopped Lochie at about 3 months. He doesn't have a dummy and puts his fist and fingers to his mouth aswell. I put him in the sleeping bag and still wrapped him with a cotton sheet below the ar...

Sunday 24 July 04:28pm

mandy67 replied to topic Help !try not to wrap my baby to sleep

Hi Grace, my little man is 13 weeks old and I went cold turkey on the wrapping two weeks ago. He doesn't have a dummy so I just wrap him across his chest down and leave his arms out. I figure he ...

Thursday 30 June 11:28am

mandy67 replied to topic 3 month sleeping habits???

I guess you are allowing your babes to self settle during the day. I have gone cold turkey on rocking and wrapping. Lachlan is now 13 weeks and still unsettled during day sleeps but alot better a...

Thursday 30 June 11:20am

mandy67 replied to topic Is anyone using the Tizzie Hall save our sleep routine?

We have tried the routine with our 10 week old boy. We changed it a little as we found it hard to stick too. I read a book called silent nights by Dr Symons who is regarded as the sleep doctor in...

Tuesday 14 June 05:33am

mandy67 replied to topic Lactose Intolerent to Breastmilk

I dont know if you still look at this forum but I am interested in knowing how things when for your baby and the lactose intolerence. My son is 2 months and passes the greenest watery poos all the...

Wednesday 01 June 12:21pm

mandy67 replied to topic silent reflux

thanks for replying. I will catch up with you on the email when have some time. We have Lachlan on Losec now and he seems to be doing better. I wont speak too soon but he doesn't scream on the bre...

Tuesday 10 May 08:52am

mandy67 started new topic silent reflux

Mother of 4 week old who has gastric reflux and screams when feeding. Is there anyone else who has experienced this and breastfed. I have tried mylanta and gaviscon but no success. Willing to he...

Friday 29 April 03:00pm
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