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Susan13 replied to topic Boys name inspiration needed.

Hi Everyone Thanks for your ideas. Just thought that I would quickly update that Hayley Jean was born on 16 February - so we didn't need the boys names after all. Susan

Sunday 20 February 08:21pm

Susan13 replied to topic Please help!!

I read somewhere that stretching the calf muscle but trying to bring your toes to the front of your leg will help (not literally pulling but just lifting your toes until you feel a bit of a stretch...

Friday 28 January 01:25am

Susan13 started new topic Boys name inspiration needed.

Hi All I am due to have Baby #2 in 2.5 weeks and am getting worried as we haven't chosen a boys name yet. DS is Mitchell John. We have chosen Hayley Jean for a girl. I need some inspiration and ...

Thursday 27 January 01:23am

Susan13 replied to topic Triple P or 1-2-3 magic program?

We have done the Triple P program - its free through our local council. I went to the sessions sceptical at first, but can see how and why their approaches work. I have still taken a 'take it or ...

Friday 14 January 02:48am

Susan13 replied to topic working mum with toddler

I try to send some 'healthy' snacks so at least they are an option when DS is at my MILs. I also remind her that we are practising (and reminding about) things like please and thankyou and holding...

Friday 14 January 02:40am

Susan13 replied to topic Expressing...

I had the same problem - tried an electric pump and still hardly a thing. I ended up hand expressing with much better results whenever I did need too and gave up on the pump. It is a bugger thoug...

Friday 14 January 01:54am

Susan13 replied to topic Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes!

nothing as embarrassing as a lot of the previous posts, but I am definitely having a good giggle. For me, there are 3 embarassing ones that i can remember 1. Internal by obs on due date, needs me ...

Monday 15 November 12:36am

Susan13 replied to topic 12yrs ago i could buy nappy liners for cloth nappies

We use the home brand ones from woolies. About $3 for 100. I have found that you can also wash them with the nappies if they are just wet and not dirty - can normally get another 1 or 2 wears out o...

Sunday 14 November 11:55pm

Susan13 replied to topic How much do you spend on your children

We would probably spend around $150 at the most. But we buy things on special across the year and keep them in the cupboard for birthday and Christmas. I like to do one 'big' thing and then a coup...

Sunday 17 October 07:55pm

Susan13 replied to topic Help!

You could also try

Sunday 05 September 01:13am
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