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stubb started new topic Toyota landcruiser 1991 gxl 80series

I am trying to find out the anchorage points for a baby seat I one of these landcruiser. Are they only on the roof or on the floor also. And is anyone using the roof mounted point and does that in...

Thursday 29 August 03:27pm

stubb replied to topic The things you said:

I remember I looked at hubby and said to him "Thank god I'm not coming back here again, this hurts!" He got snipped to make sure this was true.....

Monday 15 April 01:31pm

stubb replied to topic Easter Baby

Megan Emma 3920grams (8pound 6) 8 days late but very quick labour (two hours of pain) didn't think would make hospital within hour of the real pain was already 8cm dilated. Last baby for me....

Monday 15 April 01:28pm

stubb started new topic Easter Baby

I had my little girl 4am Easter Morning!!!

Monday 15 April 01:24pm

stubb replied to topic Mixed emotions.... Even though its my 3rd?

Hi there, I am pregnant with my fifth and due tomorrow, I have had so many mixed emotions worried about the labour and how we are going to handle another child but as I found with all my others yo...

Friday 22 March 11:35am

stubb replied to topic So over pregnancy

Due tommorrow and really can't wait for this pink bundle to be born, the stretch and sweep on Monday didn't do to much I lost my plug (show) and contractions but not enough to go into ful...

Friday 22 March 11:00am

stubb replied to topic So over pregnancy

Hi Tikled*pink, well not long now for you to meet your little boy, Just wanted to wish you good luck, I just had my docs appointment today they have delayed giving me a induction date till next Mon...

Monday 18 March 01:58pm

stubb replied to topic My surprise baby is here!!

Well done. rest up and enjoy your little pink bundle of joy.

Tuesday 12 March 11:21am

stubb replied to topic So over pregnancy

Hi girls just seeing how you's are going now? I am still waiting bub is doing alot of BH contractions and putting me through the test with consistant pains and so looking forward meeting my b...

Tuesday 12 March 11:16am

stubb replied to topic So over pregnancy

I feel the same way I wrote on the forum couple weeks ago how over being pregnant I am. I have 3 weeks to go, sleep I think I might have a better chance with a new born then now, so sore down stai...

Wednesday 27 February 10:30am

stubb replied to topic light pinkish/purplyish fluid in toilet?

Have you spoken to your doctor again after this happened? I'm not sure about your waters breaking as that should be clear. Any other colour especially pink/red should be consulted by your doctor ...

Tuesday 22 January 03:11pm

stubb replied to topic Natural ways to try and bring on labor?

My doctor always told me if bub was ready enough he suggests sex, Even thou this isn't always going to work when you do a bit of reading the other benifits are worth it anyway as if it doesn't bri...

Tuesday 22 January 02:54pm

stubb replied to topic dreaming of giving birth?

I have these to, I have to admit they can vary from time to time on details eg where and when, its normal I see it as just your mind is getting used to the idea a baby is on the way, I had these dr...

Wednesday 16 January 07:07pm

stubb replied to topic Bigger babies

The birth weights varied for me. My first was 4140g, second 4060g, third 4320g, fourth child 4240g. All were around the same dates for lateness.

Wednesday 16 January 07:02pm

stubb replied to topic 28 weeks pregnant bad pelvic pain

I'm glad you posted this I am not on my first child (surprise #5) and I never experienced this pain until now, I couldn't get over how I feel like down stairs feels like its trying to turn itself i...

Sunday 06 January 06:00pm

stubb replied to topic 7 positive home tests but still paranoid!

Hi, I to am like Peachybaby I am 20weeks and still find I check myself all the time and think this baby isn't there even though bub is moving around and being very active. I think more so to that ...

Wednesday 07 November 10:51am

stubb replied to topic Pregnant & Hosting Xmas this year

Be honest with your family, let them know yes you would like to have christmas at your house but let them know you would like to keep it simple and normally family do help out or just ask and let t...

Wednesday 07 November 10:43am

stubb replied to topic Anyone due in March 2013?

Hi again, I just found out my bub is a girl! even though this is my fifth pregnancy seeing the ultrasound its amazing every time. Bring on Mid March I can't wait.

Wednesday 07 November 10:32am

stubb replied to topic need to get motivated.

Hi i know its been a while ago you posted this just wondering how you are doing? motivated and more active now? I am guessing you should be around 19weeks by now same as me and how you feel on you...

Monday 29 October 03:27pm

stubb started new topic Half way and exhausted

Well I only a couple of days off being half ways through my pregnancy and I am so exhausted, I feel so hot and flusted all the time and all I want to do is sleep. Multivitamins I have started to ...

Monday 29 October 03:11pm
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