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lil_toot1 replied to topic Managing after caesar both physically and mentally

I've had 3 c-sections and yes they do hurt afterwards but i was told to keep on top of the pain relief cause once you have the pain back it's really hard to get rid of it....I also have good help r...

Wednesday 20 July 08:31am

lil_toot1 replied to topic Intruding Visitors after C-section.

i have had 2 c-secs and have been the first to hold my baby both times in the recovery ward they didn't even give her to her father to hold. You can state that you don't want visitors at the hosp...

Wednesday 16 March 04:54pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Sibling Rivalry - Preparing your child for the arrival of a new sibling

having a present at the hospital from the baby to older child seemed to help with me.

Wednesday 16 March 04:45pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic school aged kids, school holidays and fulltime work

i think i'm the lucky one i work afternoons 4pm to 2am my other half work days 6am to 4pm so nan steps in for the 2hrs in between and solves all my problems to do with child care at all and nan's d...

Friday 11 March 05:12pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic when do you get booked in for c-section?

i knew right from the start that i would have to have yet another c-sec (num 3) so i was book in on week 18 and had surgeon app in week 28 and it's booked for week 38 being Fri 13th of all days in ...

Tuesday 08 March 12:08pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic May Babes 2011

[quote name='Bec wa' date='29 August 2010 - 11:35 AM' timestamp='1283078132' post='2783429'] Well thanks, I am so enjoying not feeling sick yet although bb are quite sore and I am sure they are get...

Tuesday 08 March 09:16am

lil_toot1 replied to topic Weaning toddler off bottles

you can get the non spill bottles that also come with the straw attachment have you tried giving him one of them and once he is drinking out of that to try putting the straw attachment on. my girl...

Tuesday 08 March 08:59am

lil_toot1 replied to topic When do you need to start wearing maternity bras???

As i am very well indowled in that department (G cup) i started wearing a maternity bra at 20wks as they are not cheap at this size ($70 each) but well worth it and to answer the question someone a...

Monday 07 March 10:13pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Partner wants a different hospital than I want

You know i will tell you the same thing i told my partner. That when he can squeeze a baby the size of a watermelon out the end of his [email protected]#k then he can have a say where and how i have this baby. ...

Sunday 27 February 02:09pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Febrile Convulsions

I have had a few of these in my times and they are very scary if you don't know what they are or have never seen before. Lucky for me i had been a career for and epliptic child so seeing the fit f...

Saturday 26 February 02:32pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Help! Is their a chance of this being a miscarriage?

if i was you i would be going to another dr for a second opinion cause the stress you are feeling will not help you at all.

Thursday 24 February 03:18pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Tantrums

i have 2 girls 10 and 2 i gave up shopping with them i found a friend in the same boat she has my kids and does her shopping and i have her kids while she does her's. It makes it alot quicker as i...

Tuesday 22 February 09:16pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic When do you plan on finishing work?

I'm due end of may and am planning on leaving on 1 April but would really like to leave now but can't aford it much to my feets dismay standing on them for 10hrs a day does not agree with them but ...

Saturday 19 February 02:27pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

Hi, I do wish to have a VBAC after having emerg.. c-section. I have Gestational diabetes so I am worried the baby will be big again. I am on insulin. My OB told me I will not be induced at 38 w...

Sunday 13 February 10:02am

lil_toot1 replied to topic Headlice from Childcare

there is one more thing someone suggested to me one day (my dd teacher at school) was to use mouthwash to soak the hair in it and put a shower cap on leave it for an hr or two if you have time an...

Saturday 12 February 01:45pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Fall pregnant whilst on pill?

well beat this one i know of a family who fell pregnant with twins and she only had one ovary and her husband had the chop 3 yrs prior if you say that the twins were not ment to be i don't know who...

Saturday 12 February 10:51am

lil_toot1 replied to topic Ovulation?

what i was told and has worked for me first month 4 times is that you take the number of days your cycle is and take the 3 days that are smack bang in the middle and they should be the days you are...

Saturday 12 February 10:46am

lil_toot1 replied to topic Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes!

thanks ladies you made my day i've never laughed so much in all my life. I had all c-secs and they check you every couple of hrs when you have them too not to say you have a cathater as well (sorr...

Friday 11 February 03:15pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic can you elect to have a caesar

i have had 2 caesar's so far 3rd is booked all overdue and not by choice especially last one due to complications. But they have all been in the public system and i've never had to pay a cent.

Friday 11 February 02:59pm

lil_toot1 replied to topic Prescription for infant formula?

I THINK IT'S A STUPID IDEA Not everyone can breastfeed for what ever reason and why should these poor mums be punished for it. Lucky me did not have any probs in that department but i did go back...

Thursday 10 February 02:04pm
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