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Carla replied to topic bathing baby

QV range of products is good for baby's skin - my baby had bad eczema, and I stopped using J&J and swapped to QV on advice from a nurse, and it has cleared up nicely.

Thursday 25 March 09:37pm

Carla replied to topic Cradle Cap

My mum (grandmother) advised to make a paste of bi-carb soda and apply to scalp, leave on for a few hours and then wash off. Coupled with applying olive oil at each nappy change, and using qv wash ...

Thursday 25 March 09:34pm

Carla replied to topic Sleeping a baby with Gastric Reflux

Hi Marti, My baby likes to sleep on her stomach due to leg problems that she was born with. We always thought this was unsafe - but after discussing with our paeditrician, he suggested the use of a...

Thursday 25 March 09:28pm
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