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Georgia83 replied to topic Headlice from Childcare

We got the clippers out last night and shaved his head, unfortunately we had to hold him down, poor little thing was so upset. Now I can easily check his hair with the comb for any reinfestations. ...

Saturday 12 February 09:30am

Georgia83 started new topic Headlice from Childcare

Hi Guys, Please help, my 2 year old son keeps coming home from childcare with Headlice. I have been treating them, removing all lice and eggs, changing the sheets, treating myself and my husband...

Friday 11 February 03:17am

Georgia83 replied to topic April 2011

Hi Everyone, I am due on the 10th of April 2011 with my second baby. My Son, Seth will be 2 1/2 when the new baby comes along. I am very excited about having a scan but have to wait another 6 week...

Saturday 21 August 02:10am

Georgia83 started new topic Childcare Dilema

My 10 month old Son goes to Daycare, today while I was at work I received a call from the centre to say that while he was eating a piece of Banana muffin his tooth came loose and is leaning forward...

Saturday 29 August 04:38pm

Georgia83 started new topic My 6 month old baby is refusing to breast feed

HELP!!! My 6 month old son has been screaming and arching his back every time I try to feed him for the past week. I have had to give him formula so he is eating something. He was sick over the we...

Friday 17 April 10:38pm

Georgia83 started new topic Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone, I am new to this site, I am 24yrs old and my due date is the 6th of November. This will be the first child for my partner Dave and I and we found out that we are expecting a little b...

Tuesday 07 October 10:55am
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