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Tones started new topic WA Country mum expecting

Hi there I am from Barker and am expecting my first in may, wanting to chat to anyone about births and the after what to expect. email me [email protected] be good to hear from others as I ...

Saturday 31 January 12:47pm

Tones replied to topic Country W.A. mum

Hi there Erin my name is Toni and I live in Mt Barker, I have just moved here about 2 monts ago with my husband being a shearer, we haven't got any kids yet I am expecting the first in May, being ...

Saturday 31 January 12:32pm

Tones replied to topic when will I put on weight

Hi there, thanks guys, its good to hear it from other mums, being the first I worry about every little thing, thanks again Tones

Thursday 29 January 03:44pm

Tones replied to topic Anyone due in March?

hi, I am due May 8th, although I am two mths behind I am also uncomfortable and very bored, I have not been able to work as I had a heamorrage earlier on and uncomfortable coz there is nothing I ca...

Wednesday 28 January 10:16pm

Tones replied to topic 19 weeks pregnant

hi there, hope you are doing ok, when I found out that I was pregnant I was 2wks and working as a roustabout in the sheds, I worked for about a months and had a bleed two weeks later another, A sma...

Wednesday 28 January 10:12pm

Tones replied to topic moody!!

gday there, I am 25wks, 1st timer and for the first 3mths I was disgusting, I couldn't handle it, no matter what I tryed I was just this ogre from outa space my husband nearly left me several times...

Wednesday 28 January 10:05pm

Tones replied to topic Morning Sickness all day long

Hi there I was very sick at the start of my pregnancy although numba 1 and Im 24 I found that I kept ginger snaps beside the bed every time I woke I had one I kept my tummy full all the time, The m...

Wednesday 28 January 10:00pm

Tones replied to topic constipation!!

Hi there I am 25wks through and find constipation a big hassle, I didnot takeanything for it herbal or medicinal, its the water intake, I drank up to 4L water a day and found that really helped me,...

Wednesday 28 January 09:54pm

Tones started new topic when will I put on weight

Hi there I am 24yo and am 25wks through now with numba 1, I go to the doctors once a month and don't do much excercise, I walk occassionally, I eat when I'm hungry but alot f it is healthy, for the...

Wednesday 28 January 09:48pm

Tones replied to topic Just new and a bit scared

Hi there jolene, I felt that I was the only person in the world who was feeling this, all my friends (other mums) told me stuff and it just didn't settle me I felt as if no one knew exactly what I ...

Wednesday 28 January 09:36pm
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