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Jayne87 replied to topic Club Foot - Talipes Boots and bar for sale

Hi I'm just wondering what age they suit? And how much your selling for ? Thanks

Saturday 20 April 07:15pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Due January 2013

Congrats to everyone I got my BFp tonight which gives me an estimate of 13/1

Thursday 03 May 07:36am

Jayne87 replied to topic MAY 2012

Fingers crossed for you all! I felt sick almost days after ovulating. TWW is so so long and got the better of me a few times with BFN tho I tested tonight and got a BFP!! Approx 3w4d and due 13/1/1...

Thursday 03 May 07:33am

Jayne87 replied to topic MAY 2012

Hi ladies i thought instead of reading all comments i would say hello.. my partner and i are now on cycle #2 and due for testing on 3rd May.. fingers crossed for everyone and sticky baby dust to al...

Friday 20 April 11:47pm

Jayne87 started new topic 33 month old testicles undecsended?

Just wondering if any other mums have dealt with this as apparently it's very common. However until about 18 months my sons testicles had moved to the scrotum. They have now gone up and stay up. We...

Wednesday 19 October 10:19pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Removal of tonsils

My DS had his tonsils and adenoids removed in may this year, only being not quiet 2.5 he really didnt know what was happening, but maybe tell him that when he has them out that he gets to eat ice c...

Wednesday 24 August 06:20pm

Jayne87 replied to topic AT LAST

goodluck with it all, my DS had his removed on the 16th May this year only took about a year with tests and waiting lists to have the operation.

Wednesday 13 July 11:26pm

Jayne87 replied to topic 2yrs old with leg pain at night

My DS was diagnosed with restless legs syndrome, he has to have tegretol (epilepsy medication) 30 minutes before bed everynight which calms it down that little bit where he can now sleep a full nig...

Wednesday 13 July 11:20pm

Jayne87 started new topic has anyone used the weeman?

Hi im just starting to TT my DS but he prefers to stand rather than sit, has anyone used to weeman and had success?

Wednesday 13 July 11:01pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Deciding to leave my husband

almost $500 a week? well i take it that not everyone gets the same single parenting payments either! i dont bring in almost 500 a week im lucky to get 650 a fortnight WITH my tax benefits and i don...

Friday 03 June 05:55pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Hospitals

i know exactly how bad they are! my DS went into to get his tonsils and adenoids out ended up having emergency surgery as he had a bleed the same day, he was put in high dependancy ward with a baby...

Friday 03 June 05:47pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Single parents out there

ive been a single mum since about 12 weeks pregnant, the hard parts for me are money and the constant negative things people say and also im over hearing "you might be a single mum but get double t...

Tuesday 10 May 04:40am

Jayne87 replied to topic Confused and Upset

my DS is in the same position as your DD. We saw his surgeon in october last year who said feb the latest as he has sleep aponea also which his tonsils play a huge part in, then they said march the...

Wednesday 27 April 05:59am

Jayne87 replied to topic Pregnant

Hi just wondering what the test was called? Am thinking of trying it out

Thursday 10 March 06:51am

Jayne87 replied to topic wanted to introduce myself :)

Welcome Sarah! I have also been in the same boat my little man is now 2 and have been since since being 8 weeks pregnant. I dont agree with HAVING to get his name on the birth certificate my son...

Tuesday 22 February 11:27pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Early INtervention

I would see your GP and get a hearing test for them and then ask their opinion on speech therapy, my DS (almost 2) just had his and was put on the waiting list as he only says 3 words and the wait ...

Saturday 01 January 05:53am

Jayne87 replied to topic 13 month old starting to smack and bite

My DS was in a biting stage up until just recently he has stopped, it was more frustration then anything as he couldnt tell me what was the matter or what he wanted, if he bit me i would sit him do...

Saturday 01 January 05:46am

Jayne87 replied to topic How much does your 2yo talk?

I'm in the same situation as you, my DS is almost 23 months and only says 'mum' 'car' and 'ta' but he understands whatever you ask or tell him to do but my pediatrician is worried as he has many pr...

Wednesday 01 December 08:47pm

Jayne87 replied to topic January 09 toddler!

Thought I'd come say hi since I've been a bit slack lately Isaac has been diagnosed with 2 sleeping disorders which is why his waking at night still has started medication for that. He sees the sur...

Monday 29 November 10:29pm

Jayne87 replied to topic Toddlers testicles going back up, help!!

It's just I cant feel them and since they have gone up they haven't come back down

Monday 29 November 08:07pm
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