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joben started new topic multiple c sections

I have had 2 caesarians. The 1st was emergency after a long labour, the 2nd elective after comtemplating VBAC until the last mintue. We may have a 3rd child one day. How many c sections can you hav...

Sunday 11 March 09:37am

joben replied to topic 17 month old sleeping too much??

Soooooooooooooo jealous!!!! My 17 month dd wakes 2ce on a good night (and is still up at 5) and I lucky if she has 2hrs in day time. Did i say that I was jealous?

Friday 23 February 09:15am

joben started new topic cows milk is yuck!

My 13month old does not like cows milk. She was fully brest fed till 6 months and still has 3 sometimes 4 bf a day. She will sip at water in a Avent bottle with a toddler spout, but virtually refus...

Thursday 26 October 10:39am

joben started new topic breastfed babies - do they ever sleep through the night?

My 10.5 month old baby girl still wakes up at night 1 -2 times (on a good night!) for a feed. She occassionally sleeps through till 5 but that doesn't happen very often. She can often be awake for ...

Thursday 24 August 08:58am

joben started new topic bf let down

Does anyone have trouble with letdown? My 10 month old has been getting very impatient and most often will detach if my milk does not let down in 10 seconds or so. This of course turns into a repea...

Sunday 06 August 10:49am

joben started new topic does dieting affect bf

I have recently started walking and trying to stop eating as much junk food in a n attempt to rregain what figure I had 10 1/2 months ago. I am not 'dieting' as such just trying to be more concious...

Sunday 06 August 10:44am

joben replied to topic Celebrating our breastfeeding achievements!

Browsing and was just thinking about putting new thread in bout patting myself on the back and found you beat me to it! Congrats! My 10 month old girl is still beastfed and I am sooo proud of myse...

Sunday 23 July 10:19am

joben started new topic Custard Apples

I have been given some custard apples and would like to use them for my baby, but not really being a big eater of them, any suggestions on best way to prepare/cook. Can they be cooked the same way ...

Sunday 21 May 09:17am

joben started new topic To caesar or not to caesar?

I am expecting2nd baby in about 6 weeks and until recently was determined to give birth vaginally. My 1st was born via emergency caesar after 20 hours of labour as he became stuck. At the time I ...

Thursday 25 August 07:09am

joben started new topic nursery curtains

I am after some preferably bright, resonably priced nursery curtains. Any suggestions on sites, stores etc?

Tuesday 09 August 07:47am

joben started new topic baby clothes

I am preparing my 4.5 yr son's old baby clothes for our new arrival in October but am finding as I take things out of storage, a lot of the white things have yellowed! Particularly the singlets and...

Friday 05 August 08:38am
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