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carol123 replied to topic how to start Family Day Care?

I googled family day care in my area and went from there but if there is a community centre in your area you could go there and ask. You will need to get a positive notice (blue card) first for you...

Thursday 16 January 12:45pm

carol123 replied to topic Starting up a family daycare

Thank you lovelies, my dd will be at pre prep most days and my ds will be home with me and the children that my coordinator is lining up to come are around my ds age so I'm looking forward to ...

Thursday 16 January 11:58am

carol123 started new topic Starting up a family daycare

Hi lovelies, I'll be starting a family day care very shortly and wondering what activities would you expect your lo to be offered and what do you look for in a family day care we live in a sma...

Thursday 16 January 10:24am

carol123 replied to topic Ipswich hospital and c-section

Hi, I to had an emergancy c sectiondue to breach with my first and I have elsected to have a c section again and yes I requested this at Ipswich Hospital, I was told to think about it and had the m...

Saturday 08 December 12:14pm

carol123 replied to topic Hip Dysplasia

Hi My daughter now 10 months old was born with clicky hips and wore a brace from 12hrs after birth through to 20 weeks. She went really well with it as she didnt know better, and we didnt treat her...

Saturday 15 May 09:27pm

carol123 replied to topic Head engaging - when?

Thank you, I'm 38 weeks and her head isn't engaged yet and no one could tell me what could help. It was getting me really worried.

Saturday 27 June 12:19pm
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