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Don't feel too bad, I have just had a melt down at my 6 year old over something different but it was a proper MELTDOWN. It happens to us all.

oh hun that is so unfair! Actually she sounds a bit dodgy to me I have actually been looking for a sewer lol! I make little girls clothes and find I can't keep up with demand. I have a FB page, it is (it directs to my FB page). Can you PM me with where you live? I have just had a look at the lovely dresses on the Bridiejo site and wanted to buy some. The shop now tab was empty, I assume that means you don't have any stock right now. Will there be more soon and do you make really small sizes?

If you have a medical center that is open weekends I would try to get a request for a blood test to know for sure if you are pregnant or not. If results are positive then try to make time to see your own Dr. You may have ovulated late and you are not as many days as the calendar says you should be therefore your hormone level could be lower than you think they should be. Good luck.

Two way to do it 1) put the bundles of clothes together that you want to sell and weigh them. Look at Australia post website and it will tell you all about cost for weight. 2)the prepaid bags. Personally I would use the bags but that just means you need to test out how much fits in the bag before you do the listing (if it is a bulk sale).

Can't stand the made up names or the made up spelling. I don't understand when people say "just wanted them to be different", half the time what they are doing is giving the kid a name everyone will mispronounce or need them to spell for the rest of their life.

Only go if you want to! I enjoyed mine but it wasn't a full day, it was a few one hour classes. If you feel confident and happy I say don't go, baby will come out one way or another.

I would say at 6 months go with babies tired signs not the clock. If he is sleeping well during the day he may not need to go to bed at 7:30pm. If you have to fight about it every night your two options are cut a day sleep or keep him up a bit later. Good luck

I've had three natural births, two with pethadine and one drug free. For me the last drug free one was the best, I was so relaxed I fell asleep between contractions. I really think if you can relax it helps the process along. I also was given some hypnobirthing CD's to listen to to help relax, it really worked.

have you tried looking on ebay, you can usually find some Mary Kay on there.

First off congratulations and hope all goes well. Secondly if you want to try to BF it may not be a disaster this time. My sister in law had to put her DS1 onto a bottle because he was getting REALLY underweight but managed to feed her next one well and has gone onto feed number 3 and 4 as well. If you think the problem could be attachment would you consider seeing a lactation consultant? If you do need a breast pump it takes a little bit of practise to get your let down to happen without baby sucking. It doesn't really matter what type of pump if you can master the let down. If you were planning to express for a while I would suggest hiring an electric pump from ABA or your local chemist to try it out. Electric would be faster if you plan to pump all the time but if you want to express to build milk supply I have used an Avent hand pump and it was great. Good luck, hope it all works out for you.